Going Above and Beyond Link Bonding and Failover Into SD-WAN Features

Recently, we came across a great post, Hybrid WAN or SD-WAN, on NetCraftsmen. As the article’s author, Peter Welcher, explains there are a number of new offerings in the space. “As witnessed at Network Field Day 9, there is a hotbed of innovation occurring right now in the Hybrid WAN or SD-WAN space. I’m still… Read more »

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SD-WAN Intelligence for End-to-End Application Performance: the Rise of SDN

SD-WAN fabric for SND software defined networking

Ecessa’s next-generation WANworX™ enterprise services deliver coordinated orchestration by creating a SD-WAN fabric of multiple connections (both public and private) and applying SDN intelligence, thereby allowing applications to move seamlessly from one WAN layer to another, real-time.

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