“The Internet is slow,” or “the Guest Wi-Fi is flaky,” are common indicators of larger network performance issues. When employees are seeing slow performing applications, dropped calls, remote desktop sessions ending abruptly, cloud-based programs performing badly or outright outages, SD-WAN can help. Regardless of who’s to blame (ISP outage, carrier brown-out, fiber cut, equipment failure or unexpected maintenance), these issues will not solve themselves, and can have serious impacts on business outputs, revenue recognition and employee productivity.  Let’s solve this, now.

Quality of Service (QoS)

Take control over your applications so they don’t control you. The Ecessa dynamic QoS engine allows you to:

  • Set failover and routing policy rules per application
  • Customize how your network operates
  • Guarantee bandwidth for latency sensitive, real-time sessions
  • Guarantee that critical applications never go down  
  • Throttle non-critical applications so they don’t impact others – (think guest Wi-Fi not impacting voice calls or ERP sessions)  

Ecessa products all come with a QoS engine that enables you to do all of the above. No two businesses are the same and optimizing the QoS engine allows full control over any type of traffic from any source; inbound or outbound.


Outages are going to happen. The questions is not if, but when? If your business is running on a single connection, downtime will happen. So, make sure you proactively invest in a second, third or fourth connection to build resiliency in your network. Adding additional circuits and bandwidth has many benefits; from active/active use of all bandwidth, to resiliency, and outages with failover and load balancing.

Performance Visibility

Seeing where network issues are occurring, especially on the WAN side of things can be a challenge. Identifying why the Internet is slow is not an easy task. Ecessa SD-WAN solutions are purpose-built routers that sit at the edge of your network. This unique vantage point allows Ecessa to see performance issues inside, on the LAN, and outside, on the WAN. This 360-degree visibility is essential for troubleshooting issues and seeing what your true business needs are. Do you need to invest in that new 1Gbps WAN, or do you actually have enough bandwidth now that SD-WAN is showing you the data? Along with visibility comes hands-free performance reporting. The Ecessa solutions can all be setup to report out on your network performance per location or globally via Ecessa Insight.

Solution: WANworX

WANworX® Secure SD-WAN combines reliable hardware, innovative software, network design,
and support services to allow organizations to operate from multiple locations seamlessly.

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Wi-Fi access is one of the top amenities a hotel can offer. It even ranks above breakfast! No matter where guests are, they need to stay connected to their personal and professional networks at all times. Ask any hotel manager. If you don’t have reliable Wi-Fi access, guests will not return for a second stay. But with hundreds of guests accessing a hotel’s network at a given time, even simple web applications can slow down rapidly. Kimpton Hotels wanted to stay ahead of the game with their guest Wi-Fi offering throughout their 64 boutique hotels. Ecessa PowerLink™ provided the ideal solution for Kimpton Hotels. By installing a PowerLink™ device at each location, guests could enjoy seamless connectivity. SD-WAN increased network capacity with automatic failover and eliminated network congestion for good.

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