Keeping your Ecessa SLA current is vital for optimal network operation. It ensures uninterrupted support and firmware updates. To determine when you current SLA expires, please enter your device serial number below.

Enter the eight digit serial number


Please fill out our contact form to begin the SLA renewal process or call us at 952.960.1000.

Top ten reasons to keep your Ecessa device 
SLA (Service Level Agreement) current.

  1. Unlimited firmware upgrades
  2. Access to 24/7 configuration assistance
  3. 24/7 installation assistance
  4. 24/7 technical support
  5. Guaranteed 15 minute or less call response for support requests
  6. Take advantage of Spare-in-the-Air overnight replacement
  7. Choose from 12 month and 36 month options
  8. Access our online Knowledge Base
  9. Receive new reporting, monitoring and management features for free, including the Ecessa Insight to manage multiple devices from one place – anytime, anywhere you can access the Internet.
  10. Enjoy our Trade-in/Refresh program with generous discounts


As your need for bandwidth grows, so does your need for rock solid reliability. You need 100% access to your data center and cloud resources.

Make a current Ecessa SLA part of your business continuity plan. Get continuous innovation and continuous support.