SD-WAN Intelligence for End-to-End Application Performance: the Rise of SDN

SD-WAN fabric for SND software defined networking

Update to original post: On April 18, 2014, WANworX™ received the 2014 Excellence in SDN Award presented by TMC’s INTERNET TELEPHONY Magazine and SDN Zone. Following that honor, the company has continued to develop its SD-WAN capabilities. 

If you don’t yet know about Software-Defined Networking (SDN, also known as SD WAN and SD-WAN), you should.

Today’s datacenter is more or less an elastic and virtualized resource, and is beginning to migrate towards SDN architectures to further refine the deployment model. The wide area network (WAN) however, is still very much a static environment that is provisioned on a point-to-point basis. The differences between these approaches (managing and orchestrating the datacenter vs. the WAN) become glaringly evident when trying to deliver end-to-end services that take advantage of elastic cloud/ datacenter resources.


Suffice it to say, the cloud has not been a panacea for addressing all enterprise IT challenges. The primary challenges  faced by the datacenter-centric deployment model is the lack of coordination and control over the end-to-end service or the application experience. The quality-of-experience thereby is comprised of all of the individual components that constitute the service, i.e. the infrastructure, the application performance, and the network connectivity. Managing the datacenter resources dynamically and in an automated manner is not sufficient, because the network (WAN) quickly becomes the constraining factor.


Ecessa’s next-generation WANworX™ enterprise services deliver coordinated orchestration by creating a  WAN fabric of multiple connections (both public and private) and applying SDN-like network intelligence, thereby allowing applications to move seamlessly from one WAN layer to another, real-time. Taking intentional advantage of best performing / least disruptive (latency, packet loss, jitter) links/layers to give optimal Application Performance Predictability and Never Down™ Seamless Uptime end-to-end.


WANworX™ is the missing piece of network intelligence in the SD-WAN puzzle for end-to-end application experience.
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