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Education Technology is Imperative for Learning Today

When hundreds of students need to download 100 MB files, you want to leverage all your available bandwidth, instead of having backup lines just sitting there idle.

Travis Rogers

Director of Technology at St. Joseph's Academy

Education, from preschool to college has changed drastically in the past decade due to advances in education technology and the needs of students. A reliable and robust network is a necessity for the majority of school districts in order keep up with changes.

Make the most out of your school’s IT budget while keeping connected with students.


The FCC has released an ambitious proposal for all schools and libraries to be outfitted with new education technology including high-speed Internet access by 2019. Where smartphones and tablets were once banned as distractions in the classroom, more educators are now looking to integrate these devices into their curriculum. At the same time, school administrators are now increasingly utilizing online resources in place of heavy textbooks. These changes are impacting how these institutions leverage their networks, causing a considerable rise in connectivity needs to support these activities.

To keep up with these online and mobile device-based activities, educational institutions must have the network bandwidth in place to support new innovative processes. Administrators should examine their network bandwidth usage to ensure that they have sufficient resources in place, and consider increasing their bandwidth to ensure their students can leverage mobile devices and online resources to their advantage.

Ecessa holds several state contracts to streamline procurement for school district IT needs. Please contact us to learn if your district is covered and how Ecessa can help you meet your education technology goals.

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