Network downtime, Internet outages, ISP brownouts, Cloud outages and debilitating latency or jitter cost businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars each year and are often to blame for damaged reputations and bad press. A few minutes of downtime halts employee productivity, delays customer activity and can rack up an expensive bill. It’s simply not worth the risk.

At Ecessa, we believe that outages are unnecessary and preventable with preparation, good guidance and support from an experienced partner – and that’s where we come in.


The old adage says, “never put all your eggs in one basket.” This simple philosophy translates well to creating reliable business networks. When networks rely on a single connection, the moment that line is dropped, chaos ensues – sometimes figuratively, sometimes literally.

Ecessa works to create stronger networks by building redundancy. We protect our customers from network outages by deploying our tried and true SD-WAN technology – it’s as easy as 1-2-3.


Be sure to have a second or third connection from an alternate provider. This can be any connectivity, from any provider; including DSL, Cable, Fiber, MPLS, Cellular (4G/5G), Satellite, Fixed Wireless or Microwave connections.

Install the Ecessa Solution

Ecessa products were purpose-built to integrate multiple connections from multiple providers, from 2-25 connections, and throughput options from 75Mbps – 20Gbps. Ecessa deploys at the edge of the network, integrating seamlessly behind the ISP connections; it simply takes the Ethernet or Fiber handoff from the ISP modem or router and takes over routing.

Ecessa is flexible, offering many routing options to fit a business network as needed, there is no need to change IP addresses or firewall rules, and the architecture doesn’t need to change to easily implement the solution.

Ecessa guarantees deployment into any network by helping with every step of the journey; from design stage to Visio drawings to late night change windows, to testing and adjustments.


Once installed, running and tested, the Ecessa Technical Support team is available to assist with any fine tuning, optimization or changes to any location. We take pride in achieving 100% customer satisfaction and we don’t stop until you’re happy. After you have confidence in Ecessa’s SD-WAN and can see the benefits to your business, we are there to help you deploy to the next location and beyond. Most of our customers are expanding or moving, so our team understands the importance of being flexible. Ecessa is there to help you 24x7x365.


International business requires constant uptime. With facilities around the world, Woodstream Corporation manufactures and markets over 2,500 unique products in North America, the United Kingdom and China.

Woodstream’s international facilities use a combination of MPLS and broadband connections, and session load balancing enables network traffic to flow over all available communication links using the most efficient paths. If a line gets too congested or goes down, traffic is automatically routed to better performing links – without disrupting the user’s experience.  

Ecessa WANworX® was the perfect solution for keeping Woodstream’s many branches in constant communication with each other.

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Solution: WANworX

WANworX® Secure SD-WAN combines reliable hardware, innovative software, network design,
and support services to allow organizations to operate from multiple locations seamlessly.

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Egan Company (Egan) is a commercial engineering and construction company based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. With over 1,000 employees working from several sites, network connectivity is absolutely essential to everyday operations. Egan’s VDI solution proved unreliable, requiring employees to log in up to 50 times each day. And frequent lost Wi-Fi and carrier connections created challenges in keeping the Egan team in constant communication with their customers. They were using valuable bandwidth to troubleshoot network outages with the carrier and couldn’t focus on customer service. Ecessa deployed WANworX appliances to mitigate network connectivity issues and was also brought to the table with Insight+® monitoring and reporting services – effectively rendering network outages a non-issue for Egan from that day forward.

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