Technology Can Make or Break a Business

Technology powers business. In any industry, access to reliable technology solutions is essential to business operations. We’ve been helping our clients build stronger networks for nearly two decades, and we’ve found that most companies face similar challenges in scaling technology to meet their growing business needs.

Between unreliable networks, sluggish connections or insufficient security, technology can seem like a headache – but it doesn’t have to be. Ecessa creates Never Down® networks that fit any business in any industry. Ecessa SD-WAN is the solution to common network challenges.

Network Outages

Nobody wins when networks go down. Even a few minutes of downtime can be costly. At Ecessa, we believe that outages are unnecessary and preventable with adequate preparation. We solve network outage challenges with tried and true SD-WAN technology. Here’s how.

  • Add Redundant Connections
  • Install the Ecessa Solution
  • Fine-Tune the Network and Grow

Network Congestion

When you have enough bandwidth, you never give it a second thought. But the moment you start experiencing trouble – be it network congestion, slow applications, sluggish connections or interrupted calls – insufficient bandwidth is often the culprit. Ecessa SD-WAN easily reroutes traffic and optimizes bandwidth. Here’s how.

  • Session Load Balancing
  • Packet Aggregation

Expensive MPLS

Businesses that need private, reliable, low-latency WAN often turn to MPLS connections, but reliance on a single carrier or provider is no longer a smart solution. Ecessa offers an alternative by using SD-WAN to enhance MPLS. Our phased approach makes the transition easier than ever before.

  • Phase 1 – Translucent Mode
  • Phase 2 – Adding Redundancy
  • Phase 3 – Fine-Tuning

Slow Applications

When a business depends on reliable connectivity, slow performing applications, dropped calls, interrupted remote desktop sessions or an inability to connect to the cloud are headaches that can have serious impacts on business outputs and employee productivity. Ecessa SD-WAN can help. Here’s how.

  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Resiliency with Added Connections
  • Performance Visibility


Cyber-attacks are a very real threat to business, making security is a top concern for every business, regardless of size, industry or location. Ecessa SD-WAN provides multiple layers of security to enhance and improve any security strategy. Here’s how.

  • Security with SD-WAN
  • Encryption with SD-WAN
  • SD-WAN Security for Regulated Industries