Secure, Flexible, Resilient – and Driven by Customer Success

Ecessa has roots that run deep in the data communication industry. We are software engineers, technicians and sales professionals who have been designing and sharing premises-based SD-WAN solutions for nearly 20 years – we’re the original SD-WAN and so much more.

We bring wide area networks to companies of all sizes – and seeing our customers succeed is the reason we do what we do.

Consumers are the driving force behind technological advances, and keeping up requires flexible solutions providers who can evolve fast. At Ecessa, we adapt our solutions to suit customer needs, and we enjoy the ever-changing nature of our work. We are innovative and know that our customers and partners are, too.

We believe network uptime and access to reliable, redundant technology are necessary for business growth. Our job is to make business networks run better, and Ecessa SD-WAN creates Never Down® networks that simply do not fail. By deploying automatic failover and leveraging up to 25 communication links ranging from MPLS, lower cost broadband, cable, satellite, microwave or cellular 4G/LTE – and soon 5G – we guarantee uptime and keep our clients’ businesses growing.

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