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First things first. Our name is pronounced ee-SESS-uh and our solutions are at the core of what’s necessary.

The leadership team at Ecessa has roots that run deep in the data communication industry. They know their way around a network and are quick to recognize opportunities as they develop. That’s why, in 2000, the company began designing WAN link failover and load balancing appliances to give wide area networks greater reliability, bandwidth and redundancy.

About the time that Yahoo, Google and PayPal were coming online to make the Internet more useful for businesses, Ecessa was building devices to make their Internet connectivity reliable and resilient. The more businesses relied on the Internet, the more they needed a product like Ecessa to keep them connected.


Ecessa’s first powerhouse WAN offering – and a fan favorite to this day – was PowerLink™, which bundles multiple WAN lines (fiber, T1, xDSL, Cable, ISDN, Wireless, 4G, Satellite, etc.) into a greater pool of available bandwidth while providing business continuity through ISP failover and redundancy.

Next came network security features including a built-in firewall and VPN gateway for site-to-site communication. These capabilities were initially part of a separate product family and were recently rolled into PowerLink for greater value.

ClariLink™ added in-call failover for VoIP reliability, optimizing performance of voice calls by managing traffic among multiple Internet links to avoid quality problems and dropped calls caused by jitter, latency and congestion. ClariLink received TMC’s 2012 Internet Telephony Excellence Award.

PowerLink and ClariLink make business networks around the globe run better. They are a preferred device for small and medium businesses connecting to the Internet, the cloud and branch offices.

But that’s not where we stop.

Ecessa range

Today the Ecessa tradition of innovation takes a bold leap forward with WANworX™ SD-WAN solutions.

WANworX is the most cost effective, scalable and flexible technology for improving WAN performance and ensuring Never Down™ network availability. WANworX enables enterprises to seamlessly connect all their locations plus connect to Internet and cloud-based resources. By integrating multiple WAN links from different carriers, WANworX supports diverse paths for data to travel, and continuously monitors links and routes traffic over the best performing links, ensuring not only seamless uptime (never down!) but also predictable application performance, even when carrier services don’t perform well. See the results our enterprise customers are enjoying in this SD-WAN Technology Report.

WANworX software-defined controls allows network engineers to strategically design wide area networks, add links, add rules and not shy away from complex multi-layered networks that will accomplish their performance goals. Our phased deployment process ensures integration success and empowers network administrators to manage their networks confidently with cloud-based controls. Click here to learn more.

WANworX range

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