When it’s time to upgrade, stick with Ecessa

As your need for bandwidth grows, so does your reliance on rock solid connectivity. You need 100%
access to your data center and cloud resources. Outages are not an option! Rest assured that your
investment in Ecessa units is always safe and our solutions will scale to fit your needs.

Ecessa’s upgrade program gives you generous discounts for trading in your current Ecessa units for
higher capacity models. If your units are sized right but you want more features in your multi- site
environment, you may also be able to upgrade your current PowerLinks to WANworX SD-WAN with a
firmware upgrade.

Take advantage of all the features Ecessa has to offer, including integrated Next Generation Firewalls.
There’s so much power under the hood of an Ecessa – in whatever size you need.

Top ten reasons to upgrade your Ecessa solution

  1. Manage more bandwidth with the same Ecessa ease
  2. Get the most up to date hardware platforms for optimal performance
  3. Installation is a breeze with seamless hardware swap: we send you devices preloaded with your
    config files to minimize downtime
  4. Ecessa’s top-rated support team will walk you through any additional features you want to turn
  5. Any unused portion of your current SLA is credited to the new units
  6. Add High Availability (HA) units for hardware failover/business continuity
  7. Enjoy generous discounts for upgrades and adding HA units
  8. SLA co-terms for new units makes future renewals simple – no need to keep track of when each
    unit’s SLA is due for renewal, we bundle it all together for you
  9. Receive new reporting, monitoring and management features for free, including Ecessa
     to manage multiple devices from one place – anytime, anywhere you can access the
  10. Keep getting the best performance and service in the industry!

Want to check out your upgrade options? Email us or simply fill out this form to get started.