Frightening Slow Broadband Speeds in US: Rising Need for WAN Virtualization

WAN virtualization improves broadband performance

Many users in the business and consumer sectors alike have complained at one point or another about slow broadband speeds. Slow speeds lead to congestion, with too many users trying to use the available bandwidth. A business network with performance comparable to a tortoise presents a serious issue, especially within enterprises where employees need quick access to mission-critical resources. As the U.S. continues to experience slow broadband speed, more organizations need to consider WAN virtualization solutions like Ecessa’s WANworX to improve their network and user access.

Paying more for slower speeds
According to recent Ookla research, which performed millions of speed tests on consumer networks around the world, the U.S. is currently ranked 30th in the world for broadband speeds. American users are dealing with near snail-pace networks, as individuals in Hong King, Singapore and Romania leverage quick, responsive resources.

On a global scale, U.S. users experience average download speeds near 20 Mbps and average upload speeds of less than 10 Mbps. Hong Kong, which is currently ranked first in the world for broadband speeds, boasts an approximate average of 75 Mbps in download speeds and about 65 Mbps in uploads.

Furthermore, The Daily Dot reported that American users also pay more for slower speeds when compared to the rest of the world.

“We also pay more for much less, shelling out an average of $55 a month for broadband service, where countries with faster connections like France, Russia and the U.K. all come in at under $45 a month,” The Daily Dot stated. “Even the citizens of Hong Kong – which averages the fastest Internet speeds in the world – pay over 40 percent less than American customers.”

Furthermore, the source predicted that this issue will only get worse in the years to come, as U.S. Internet service providers have no incentive to improve network resources for users. Because organizations like Comcast continue to expand their customer bases and revenue, they have little reason to improve the nation’s connectivity.

Improve network resources with WAN virtualization
For this reason, it is becoming increasingly important for U.S.-based organizations and other businesses in areas with slow bandwidth to consider improving their networks with WAN virtualization. Especially within a business environment, ensuring the availability and reliability of network resources is key to keep company processes going. A solution like Ecessa’s WANworX can provide a number of benefits, including the abilities to utilize all available bandwidth and increase bandwidth in a cost-effective manner as needed.

A congested network is like rush hour on a single lane road, where at best traffic just crawls. But when a business adds more lanes by purchasing additional broadband connections, they create a larger pool of bandwidth for people to utilize. They’re still relegated by the speed of the road – the maximum speed of any particular line – but there’s less likelihood of running into data traffic jams. Everybody’s happier.

Plus, with WAN Virtualization you can apply Quality of Service rules to prioritize critical traffic types and allocate bandwidth accordingly, like creating a carpool lane, so that data is unaffected by traffic on the rest of the system.

Ecessa users can also take advantage of reliable service uptime, boost cloud access and enjoy a flexible WAN architecture that will easily grow with their business needs. Although slow bandwidth speeds can be a real drag on consumer and business processes, Ecessa is here to help with WAN virtualization through WANworX.