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Ecessa’s WANworX secure SD-WAN solutions increase network performance and reliability by leveraging up to 25 connections of any type and ensuring that data always has a clear path. Those connections can be premium priced T1 MPLS, lower cost broadband, cable, satellite, microwave or cellular 4G/LTE. With today’s reliance on cloud-based applications, data center connections and distributed networks, where so much is virtualized and delivered as–a-service, limited bandwidth and network outages don’t just slow productivity, they stop it.

For these reasons, Ecessa created the WANworX product line, which is the most cost effective, scalable, flexible and secure Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solution available. The unique combination of Ecessa’s robust hardware, innovative software, network design and support services allows organizations with multiple locations to combine private MPLS/T1 leased lines and public broadband links to create secure, cost effective, high capacity, high quality, reliable and resilient networks.

Ecessa’s Crawl-Walk-Run approach to SD-WAN, allows any business—at any evolutionary stage and IT budget—to have a Never Down™ network.

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The How’s and the Why’s of WANworX SD-WAN

The Ecessa WANworX products are offered as both premise based appliances and virtual instances. The technology leverages dedicated Ecessa presence at the edge, data center, corporate headquarters and Cloud to provide a scalable end-to-end solution. All traffic management features are located on the appliance with policies and configurations being managed through a web application. Routing and traffic shaping is done locally or globally within an existing corporate network leveraging multiple WAN connections from any combination of wired and wireless transports.

When coupling the potential savings of leveraging lower cost transports and reduced IT management with the efficiencies derived from increased bandwidth and always connected or active-active networks, businesses quickly realize the technical and economic benefits of a WANworX SD-WAN deployment.

WANworX Benefits

1. Improved Network Performance

The dramatic increase in network complexity, virtualization, and new, highly distributed application architectures, coupled with the reliance on remotely hosted applications for business, demands a new approach to how IT looks at its network and application performance infrastructure. Business critical applications need to be optimized and all available bandwidth must be used to achieve better network results.

2. Network Redundancy

One of the most expensive and least quantifiable costs associated with technology and networking today is the cost of downtime. The more organizations rely on technology for day-to-day operations, the costlier any amount of downtime becomes.

3. Reduced Telecom and Networking Expenses, Increased Security

Many of the new SD-WAN solutions can be used to improve and secure Internet connectivity, making it more competitive with expensive legacy WAN technologies such as T1 or MPLS. In some cases, SD-WAN technology uses Internet broadband connections to augment, or even replace, more expensive solutions. SD-WAN can apply security and virtual private networking (VPN) technology to broadband Internet connections, making them more secure. Additionally, SD-WAN has the advantage of removing potentially expensive routing hardware, by provisioning connectivity and services via the Cloud.

4. Network Scalability

Enterprise customers are demanding more flexible, open, and cloud-based WAN technologies, rather than installing proprietary or specialized WAN technology that often involve expensive fixed circuits, or proprietary hardware.

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Other Ecessa Products

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Comparison ChartEcessa EdgeEcessa PowerLinkEcessa WANworX™
Automatic Failover & Failback
Active/Active use of Bandwidth and Session Load Balancing
Quality of Service (QoS)

Stateful Firewall

SIP Call Load Balancing & Failover

Authoritative DNS
Encryption (VPN's)

Multi-Site GRE Tunnels
Packet Level Duplication
Virtual Instance
WANworX Upgradable
Network Characteristics

Small Office
Simple failover
Network monitoring
Hub & Spoke
Hosted applications
VPN replacement
Session load balancing

Full mesh network
Multiple sites
Never Down voice & VDI
Regulated industries with security & compliance requirements
Professional services
WANworX Virtual Instance
Compatible with VMware ESXi and KVM hypervisors, Ecessa’s virtual solution offers customers unprecedented performance on their existing industry standard x86 server platforms. Superior architecture and design makes the Ecessa virtual product perfectly tailored for maximum throughput performance in a lightweight, efficient, compact offering.
Ecessa’s virtual product seamlessly integrates into your virtualized infrastructure, offering the benefits of SD-WAN for your network. This innovative solution provides many benefits over the competition by being:
  • Multi-tenant – manage multiple networks with independent IP addressing
  • Scalable – support multiple instances within one x86 server; add and remove as needed
  • Lightweight – smallest software footprint and easiest hardware requirements
  • High performance – industry leading encrypted throughput over any interface
WANworX Orchestratorecessa_insight-logo_color2
Ecessa Insight™ is a centralized, browser-accessed, management tool that gives IT staff the ability to configure, manage and monitor any Ecessa solution. Ecessa Insight provides customers an end-to-end management tool that assists in the deployment of any Ecessa solution, as well as access to detailed network and device performance data in the years to come. The application can easily be customized through the use of multiple user-definable apps such as maps, dashboards and reports.
The customizable, widget-based framework enabled by Ecessa Insight allows users to build a
single-pane-of-glass view, simplifying many common management tasks such as configuration and monitoring. This highly configurable and flexible orchestrator provides organizations with the ability to view multiple layers of physical and geographical topologies. When paired with an Ecessa solution, an organization will not only minimize the time required to manage the network, but will gain unprecedented insight into network and application performance.

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