How to Deploy Your SD-WAN Anywhere – Even the Azure Public Cloud

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It’s your network, made more resilient, everywhere you want it, with Ecessa best-in-class support whenever you need it.

Ecessa® Corporation recently announced a major upgrade to its SD-WAN product line with the release of the WANworX® Virtual Instance for Microsoft Azure®. Ecessa now brings resilience and other industry-leading SD-WAN functions to Azure public cloud connections.

If your organization uses a mix of on-premises and cloud-based applications, Ecessa’s new product is a big deal for you.

WANworX allows you to build redundant connections to all your applications, wherever they are, so you don’t suffer outages, congestion or disruptions. You can connect your locations anywhere in the world to the public cloud in Microsoft Azure for resilient, Never Down® performance without going through a third-party SD-WAN supplier’s cloud gateway. You maintain complete control.

The WANworX Virtual Instance is completely compatible with WANworX physical appliances. Current WANworX customers can easily add virtual instances to their existing networks.

In addition to industry-leading SD-WAN features, the WANworX software stack includes full router functionality, a Layer 7 Next Generation Firewall, network monitoring and performance management, and Tier One technical support 24x7x365 with optional fully managed services.

Example: Using Same-IP Failover

A client that needed to improve the performance of its cloud-based phone system deployed the WANworX Virtual Instance configured for Same-IP failover. The client uses local Internet connections to redundantly route traffic securely through the Azure Public Cloud, and then route that traffic to the cloud-hosted VoIP provider. This eliminates the need for the provider to recognize if there is an issue with the local Internet connections.

The WANworX Virtual Instance solution gives this client the flexibility to selectively route traffic to the Azure Public Cloud, while maintaining local ISP load balancing and failover for less sensitive, general Internet traffic.

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