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Credit Card Transactions, In-Store WiFi & Customer Loyalty Programs: It All Depends on Your Network

Are your customers leaving without what they visited for?

Don’t let your network turn customers away. Prevent downtime before it costs your business money and customers.

It goes without saying that the continuity of any retail operation is a critical part of business’ WAN design. Losing data connectivity due to a wireline cut or service disruption can translate into lost sales, decreased employee productivity, and discouraging repeat and future customers. A seemingly minor outage can result in an instant loss and future ramifications that can take a large toll on a business. While credit card transactions are a huge part of why retailers need to be connected, it’s definitely not the only reason.

  • Customers expect in-store WiFi and connected customers help retailers gain insight into purchasing behavior. In-store WiFi is becoming ubiquitous and omni-channel marketing the accepted norm.
  • For employees, a robust and reliable connection means platforms for eLearning are enabled, making it easier to scale consistent franchise experiences for customers.
  • Store operations benefit from right-sized networks for everything from inventory management, to purchasing, financial reporting, phone systems and file transfers.

Data connectivity needs to be made rock solid with backup links and automatic failover. Here are key considerations for a backup solution:

  • Resistant to disaster
  • Speeds comparable to the primary connection
  • Security and security compliance
  • Economical
  • Flexibility for rapid store moves and temporary kiosk operation

Don’t leave your customers feeling disconnected.

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