Getting a Healthier Network to Serve Patients

The Company

Manchester Community Health Center, located in Manchester, New Hampshire, is a privately-operated non-profit community health care center providing quality health care to the under served.

The center, founded in 1993, has an annual budget of $5.1 million and employs Family Practice Physicians, Registered and Licensed Practice Nurses and other medical and administrative staff.

They have an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system that serves a collaborative community of health care centers throughout New Hampshire. All of their patient charts, scheduling and billing are electronically hosted in a facility about 50 miles away.

The Challenge

Like many community health care centers in New Hampshire, they experienced intermittent WAN connectivity issues and as a result they were struggling with an under performing ISP, continuous outages and slow connectivity.

The Solution

“We needed to eliminate outages, improve uptime and speed up connectivity. Ecessa does this for 60% less than another well-known provider with whom we met,” said Calvin L. Dowling, Director of Information Technology at Manchester Community Health Center.

Manchester Community Health Center soon discovered by selecting and implementing Ecessa’s PowerLink® solution that:

  • Ecessa was 60% less expensive than a competitor they evaluated, and whose product, while good, did not match PowerLink’s performance
  • Ecessa helped with the upfront configuration to make certain that all the proper protocols were being passed back and forth between sites
  • The organization was able to dramatically improve uptime and ensure that there were no bandwidth issues

Manchester Community Health Center has validated PowerLink’s benefits for their company and is in the process of evaluating how WANWorX® SoftwareDefined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) solutions can further improve the reliability of their business network.

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235 people


4 Health Centers in Manchester, NH



Cool Fact

Serves over 18,000 children and adult patients annually


Ecessa Product


“Ecessa is very responsive, they’re always there when I need them and they have excellent technical support.”

Calvin L. Dowling,
Director of IT at Manchester
Community Health Center