Using the Internet to Connect Offices and Provide Tracking

GlobeRunners, headquartered in Roseville, California with a satellite office in Oakdale, Minnesota, is one of the largest TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit transportation container) exporters and logistical companies in the U.S.

Helping companies and farmers distribute their goods internationally, GlobeRunners exports bulk agriculture to Asia, Europe, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, and South America.

Because of the high volume shipments, communication between offices, and customer reliance on tracking applications, GlobeRunners cannot afford to lose a moment with their Internet connectivity.

Importance of a Secure, Reliable Site-to-Site Network

Relying so heavily on communications between locations, Robert DeMars, I.T. Director at GlobeRunners, discovered that when their Internet services went down they were “stuck.” With the implementation of Citrix between sites, if their main site went down, the other location would be in the dark.

Thus, DeMars searched for a solution that would not only help with site failovers but also site-to-site load-balancing and Internet reliability. “We consistently rely on our communications; we cannot afford to be down.”

After much searching, DeMars selected an Ecessa solution over the competition because of:

  • Affordability
  • Ability to load balance between sites
  • Security with site failover
  • Usefulness of the built-in authoritative DNS

DeMars was so pleased with the performance of his initial Ecessa PowerLink® solutions that he recently upgraded to the latest Ecessa hardware. Not only did DeMars enjoy a seamless upgrade, he didn’t need to spend a lot of time with Ecessa’s Support team as they had already uploaded GlobeRunners configurations into the appliances, enabling DeMars to quickly and efficiently switch out the devices.

Now running 3 lines into each site and multiple bonded T1s, DeMars rarely worries about Internet issues or employee complaints that Citrix is down.

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Cool Fact

With more than 100,000 TEU in shipments annually, Globerunners is one of the top 10 largest exporters from the U.S. annually.


Ecessa Product


“We use our Ecessa devices heavily for site-to-site traffic. It’s pretty seamless. If a site goes down, no one notices. Before Ecessa, when the Citrix clients used to drop, everyone would notice. ”

Robert DeMars
I.T. Director