SD-WAN technology network performance improvements

Report measures the impact of software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) technology on client network performance.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, August 25, 2015 — A recently released technology report evaluates the impact of software-defined wide area network, or SD-WAN, technology—specifically on WAN network performance. The report focuses on proof of concept data from 23 SD-WAN device deployments in networks for organizations in retail, hospitality, industrial, finance, healthcare and others after a 60-day time period.

The report, released by Ecessa Corporation, designer and manufacturer of networking hardware and software for constant and seamless Internet connectivity for businesses, cites average network performance improvements like: packet latency improvement of 89%, packet loss improvement of 95% and packet reordering improvement of 100% within the 60-day proof of concept period.

Additionally, the data reinforce the value of SD-WAN in providing business continuity. During the test period, 23 carrier outages occurred, 5 of which were, on average, greater than an hour in duration. Although individual links went down, the combined WAN remained up, allowing for uninterrupted operations.

“These devices are used to connect enterprise networks—including branch offices and data centers—over large geographic distances. Before we ask these organizations to place a bet on implementing new technologies, we prove the value,” explained Mike Siegler, VP Development and Technical Support, Ecessa. “We wanted to extend that knowledge to the public, especially because there’s so much talk about SD-WAN right now. We’re more interested in data than talk, and this report speaks volumes.”

Ecessa has made the report available and is now offering a limited-time trial of their SD-WAN products for eligible customers to do their own 30-day proof of concept free of cost.

The report also explores another trending discussion, the difference between WAN virtualization and WAN optimization. “When thinking about their network, companies typically go straight to WAN optimization. In many cases though, optimization isn’t enough. While optimization helps strengthen the existing network, virtualization bundles existing lines together, ensuring maximum performance and a failover solution,” Siegler adds in the report.

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