Because network failure is not an option for businesses today.

Failing over is the only option. And automatic network failover and load balancing is even better. Critical application uptime of 100% is the standard your organization should strive to achieve. It’s what you get with PowerLink Internet appliances.

PowerLink provides automatic failover between WAN connections, including ISP links, with load balancing and traffic shaping, to eliminate network congestion and deliver 100% availability of your critical applications. Whether they’re on the Internet, in the cloud or at one of your remote locations, you’ll have continuous access to your resources. No one does failover better than Ecessa.

Now including the added security of basic firewall, site-to-site VPN features and SIP traffic load balancing.

More features, more reasons to fortify your network with PowerLink.

Network failure is not an option, but failover is. Learn more in our Network Failover White Paper

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PowerLink Strengths

1. WAN Link Load Balancing

Ecessa customer CORE Health Networks uses PowerLink as a WAN link load balancer. Their primary fiber line and secondary broadband line are aggregated by their PowerLink unit, which ensures they have optimal bandwidth for both uploads and downloads. Traffic is automatically balanced across both links to eliminate congestion and application slowdowns.

Load balancing illustration

2. Failover

PowerLink provides an active failover system, meaning all links are in continual use and require no intervention to reroute traffic if one link goes down. Nobody needs to drive in after hours to switch cables around if there’s an outage, a feature all of our customers appreciate. Some organizations install redundant hardware so that if equipment attached to the primary Ecessa unit fails, a second Ecessa unit connected to the redundant equipment automatically takes over. This “high availability” or “hardware failover” configuration is commonly used by organizations that can’t tolerate ANY network outages.

Failover illustration

3. Basic Firewall

If you’re routing Internet traffic through a sophisticated firewall at HQ, let that device do the heavy lifting of content filtering and take advantage of PowerLink’s consolidated basic firewall functionality at your remote locations. It’s an easy way to conserve your IT budget. Just imagine the freedom of not having to manage additional network devices you don’t really need. PowerLink is easy to install and effortless to maintain. It’s the perfect fit for growing companies.


4. VPN Capabilities

Are you worried about using public broadband connections in your network? Secure your site-to-site communication with the fortified features of PowerLink.

PowerLink’s built-in virtual private network (VPN) capabilities allow you to create virtual tunnels for securing communications between sites by encrypting user traffic over the Internet (or WAN) using the strong security of iPsec. You can use this to secure communications among your distributed workforce, no matter where they are. Protect your sensitive information with Ecessa.

5. Intelligent Clarity

PowerLink mitigates jitter and latency for VoIP, conferencing, call centers and other SIP-enabled applications by intelligently load balancing and routing SIP traffic among multiple, diverse WAN links and/or service provider connections. It uses session persistence based on the unique SIP caller ID to ensure call integrity.

6. Call Session Failover

PowerLink provides seamless, real-time call session failover in the event of a service provider outage. With other WAN link devices, automatic failover can take up to 20 seconds and calls will drop. Powerlink fails over in less than 6 seconds. No dropped calls.

How Does PowerLink Work?

PowerLink creates multi-homed networks of up to 25 WAN links to eliminate link congestion, guarantee full connectivity and continuous service. PowerLink uses intelligent outbound traffic management to load balance across all WAN links, and uses DNS to load balance inbound services. It includes basic firewall protection and built in VPN support for site-to-site connections. PowerLink also includes a SIP proxy, SIP registration server and NAT proxy that allows SIP traffic to be load balanced among network connections for the best call quality and seamless VoIP uptime. As your network bandwidth needs grow, PowerLink makes it easy to add more WAN links.


  • Automatic failover
  • Quality of service and traffic shaping
  • Load balance links and inbound services
  • Built-in VPN support
  • Basic firewall
  • SIP traffic load balancing
  • Seamless VoIP uptime
  • Easy to install and maintain
How does PowerLink work illustration
PowerLink products

Make your WAN more reliable, easier to manage, and reduce network costs.

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