Ecessa SECURE SD-WAN Eliminates Downtime

You read that right, and it’s not an exaggeration. Our job is to make business networks run better, and Ecessa SD-WAN creates secure Never Down® networks that simply do not fail. By deploying automatic failover and leveraging up to 25 communication links ranging from MPLS, lower cost broadband, cable, satellite, microwave or cellular 5G/4G/LTE, we guarantee uptime and keep our clients’ businesses growing.

Ecessa SD-WAN

Infinite Flexibility

We work with our clients to customize the technology they need today, with opportunities to scale up as they grow. Our technology shifts to fit your business, not the other way around.

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Customer-Centered Development

It’s not about selling products. It’s about delivering solutions that help our clients run their businesses more effectively. If our custom solutions can relieve headaches from operating with insufficient technology, we know we’ve done our job well.

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Valued Experience

Successful businesses aren’t born overnight. Neither was Ecessa. Our degreed, dedicated engineers have been perfecting our service offering for nearly two decades to get it just right. We really like what we do, and we’re darn good at it, too.

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Technology Solutions that Enable Business Growth

Ecessa builds strong networks by managing multiple communication links that always work in tandem. Traffic flows continuously and evenly over all the links – so when one goes down, traffic is automatically balanced over the remaining links. Isn’t that the kind of collaboration you expect from your team?

Networks that Work As Hard As Your Team

With Never Down® Networking, connectivity doesn’t quit. That means systems and applications are always available when you need them.

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The Power to Get More Done

Ever been in a traffic jam and wished for another lane to magically appear? We make that happen quickly and easily with additional bandwidth and load balancing services.

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Additional Security For Your Network Edge

We live in a world of data breaches and ransomware attacks. That’s why every extra layer of cybersecurity, including the next generation firewall built into every Ecessa device, is critical for protecting data, assets and reputations.

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Committed to Customer Delight

Ecessa solutions from OneNet Global provide significant, measurable value for clients in a variety of industries. With Never Down® technology, unmatched resiliency, increased bandwidth and the power of SD-WAN, you’ll be more connected than ever before, and better positioned to drive business growth.

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"I just finished deploying the last pair of Ecessa devices in my datacenter to conclude the hardware upgrade at all of my locations. A big tip of the hat to your team is in order. The process couldn’t have gone any smoother, and the engineers did a great job of both delivering devices that were perfectly preconfigured (which saved me tons of time I cannot even describe) but also in helping me troubleshoot after the fact when necessary."
Matt Compeau | Vice President, Information Technology | Summit Partners
"I always enjoy working with the Ecessa support team. Very helpful and easy to work with!"
Jeff Myers | Network Administrator | Community 1st Credit Union
"The Ecessa unit is up and running well. It has saved the day more than once as outages have occurred on both internet feeds that service the business. I am well versed in networking and configuring the device was a snap."
Greg Williams | Managing Member | Williams Supper Clubs LLC
"You guys really went above and beyond on this call, especially when the other vendor dropped the ball. Really appreciate your help and am super glad we're a customer!"
Alex Hepp | Chief Information Officer | City of Hopkins
"The Covid-19 pandemic spawned an exponential increase in the amount of bandwidth required to support audio/video delivery via the Internet.  The Ecessa SD-WAN solution allows us to provide balanced Internet traffic over multiple ISPs."
Matthew White | Director of Distributed Systems | Chipola College
"Ecessa support is BEYOND awesome, NEVER an unanswered question. I am VERY SATISFIED with our new device. "
Alan Dean | IT Operations | North Fayette Township
"Thanks to WANworX®, our communications network is now so reliable, we’ve been able to reduce not only our communication link costs, but also implement VDI and scale way back on our investment in servers and storage equipment at remote locations. We can confidently install thin-clients and IP phones — which, by the way, saves us tremendous amounts of time as well as money."
Jim Nonn | CIO | Egan Company
"Of all the vendors we have, Ecessa is the most responsive, helpful and easy to work with. It’s a testament to a great organization and technology partner to have by our side! Thank you always for your prompt and quick assistance!"
Keith Sauer | System Administrator | Diamond Credit Union
"A+ service and support. It's nice to know Ecessa tech support has my back. I highly recommend Ecessa products and services."
Randal J. | Chief Information Officer | Prince Georges Community Federal Credit Union
"We’re definitely seeing the value in what we purchased the Ecessa units for in the first place, with improvements to Guest Internet, operations VPN and automatic failover. Now, we’ve started using Ecessa Insight monitoring and management tool too. Ecessa tech support is by far the best in class. A bar set very high."
Shawn Slater | Network Engineer | Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants
"Ecessa gives you an easy, efficient and inexpensive way to load balance your Internet traffic. It ensures network efficiency and Internet connectivity. The support has been amazing. They are always patient with us and knowledgeable."
Dan Wagner | IT Manager | The Second City
"Ecessa is a solid solution that does what it is supposed to do, and it hasn’t let us–or our customers–down."
Mark Griep | Network Administrator | Fidelity Bank
"When hundreds of students need to download 100 MB files, you want to leverage all your available bandwidth, instead of having backup lines just sitting there idle."
Travis Rogers | Director of Technology | St. Joseph's Academy
"If we experience an Internet outage, it essentially puts us out of business in providing care. This can be life-threatening when dealing with the often-serious medical issues of the population we serve. Ecessa’s PowerLink™ is especially helpful for us, as we need the flexibility to provide healthcare any place, any time."
Lee Cowgill | Network Administrator | Boston Healthcare for the Homeless Program
"The fact that PowerLink becomes the authoritative DNS for our domain was a huge deal for us, and we really needed to know that there was a great support network there for us, especially while we learned how to use the product. I would have to say that Ecessa has the best support team I have ever worked with in 16 years in the industry."
Dan Chase | Vice President of Global IT | Bite Communications
"When your ability to compete is measured in minutes, you can’t waste a second with unreliable Internet connections. Ecessa allows us to add far more devices and look five years ahead. Some competitive products don’t have the ability to grow with your enterprise."
Thomas Fitzgerald | Network Engineer | Sunstone Circuits
"Our Ecessa Powerlink seems to run flawlessly all the time. This unit is easy to configure. We have made several adjustments to Authoritative DNS as we turned up some URLs on the outside. We did it ourselves without help from the help desk. When we do need the help desk they answer right away and are extremely knowledgeable with the exact answers we need with no fishing around."
Gary Carpenter | Network Administrator | Lancer Corporation
"My original and primary vendor had a fiber cut which of course dropped our services immediately. Your appliance was flawless with all traffic switched over within a second. Guess what, exactly ZERO people called in about the outage! A couple months earlier and I would’ve had over 100 calls and been unable to do anything. Now it was (almost) a normal day. That was cool!"
Rich Soutar | Owner | Triple Crown Internet
"When we were evaluating how this would work, Ecessa’s engineers were there every step of the way, reinforcing the value of their solution. They provided a network schematic to mock up how it would look, and we never had an issue where our questions went unanswered."
Jeff Talant | Lead Technician | C-Net Systems
"Our disruptions in 2017 proved we needed to protect ourselves and not rely on a third party. Our business model today is highly dependent upon web-based applications. Our member expectation is that we are there and online 24x7. With the Ecessa solution, we now have a redundant path."
Kent Kensmoe | Information Technology Specialist | Capital Electric Cooperative
"I highly recommend the Ecessa solution, especially with a high availability pair for redundancy. Connection to the Internet has become a critical part of our business, both for our employees and our members. Ecessa provides a cost-effective way to guarantee connections – and the associated services provided – stay up."
Tim Sanden | VP-Information Technology and CIO | Cass County Electric Cooperative
"Ecessa always answers our questions. They don’t pass you around to various tiers of support. You call, you get the expert, they take care of you. That’s true customer service excellence. Ecessa’s support team is always there for us."
Anthony Steffens | Chief Information Officer | PARDA Federal Credit Union
"Gaining the increased bandwidth and redundancy with dual lines at each location was well worth the effort. Upgrading the network infrastructure to SD-WAN gives us greater resiliency and allows us, when we’re ready, to move to internet-based SaaS applications like telephony."
Kenan Luptak | CTO | Points West Community Bank
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