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Don't Let Network Issues Bring Down Your Law Firm

Just one hour of network downtime per month costs your firm $60,000 in lost billable opportunities over the course of a year.

Mike Robbins

Director of Managed IT Services at Hughes-Calihan Konica Minolta

Your firm can’t afford to be down. Having access to information and your database is a requirement. The days of folders stacked on desktops–both physical desktops and PCs — is over. Today’s legal professionals use laptops, smartphones and tablets to run their business from applications that live on the cloud.

Your time matters: be prepared. Maximize your productivity by investing in technologies that prevent downtime.


It’s not just law firms who have made the move; judicial courthouses and other enforcement government agencies have followed suit.

Attorneys today use legal management software platforms to document and track case proceedings. Like other mobile knowledge workers, they carry a laptop, mobile phone, or a tablet with Wi-Fi network connectivity to answer emails, manage their calendar, and collaborate.

Most law firms and legal agency offices have multiple office locations in a variety of geographic locations. Regardless of where employees are connecting from or what they are connecting with, users expect ubiquitous, hassle-free network connectivity anywhere.

With more than 40,000 law graduates entering the workforce every year, the legal industry now has 4 generations of employees working side by side, with Gen-Y employees setting the IT direction. There are a plethora of new business services, including virtual law firms, virtual tele-assistants, boutique specialty law practices, and legal process outsourcing, all of which demand an IT infrastructure that is simple to deploy and manage, ubiquitous, and secure. (Source: Business Insider)

This increasing dependence on network connectivity means that downtime is costing more than ever.

Law firms typically operate on billable hours, so even an hour of downtime can be costly for legal professionals. However, a Managed Service Provider (MSP) that offers data Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) and business continuity solutions can help a law firm minimize downtime.

Downtime results in:

  • Loss of hourly and daily income
  • Missed court appearances
  • The irreversible loss of vital client and firm data

The biggest loss of all? The loss of reputation and clients.

Mike Robbins of Attorney at Law Magazine states that just one hour of network downtime per month costs your firm $60,000 in lost billable opportunities. This figure is the most common for law firms that have 25 timekeepers and an average billing rate of $200 per hour – results will differ if you have more, or less. However, without a business continuity plan in place to ensure that the firm can continue running – even during the event – even the most lucrative law firm would have trouble bouncing back from these kinds of losses.

The American Bar Association points to ten trends that firms should be taking into consideration today: increased technology budgets and more flexible planning, technology training, legal research, security, cloud computing, firm hardware, social media, mobile technology and virtual communication for firm growth.

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