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Hospitality Technology isn't Optional: Guests Put Wi-Fi First

We’re definitely seeing the value in what we purchased the Ecessa units for in the first place, with improvements to Guest Internet, operations VPN and automatic failover. Now, we’ve started using Ecessa Insight monitoring and management tool too.

Shawn Slater

National Property Network Engineer at Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

A 2014 Amenities Survey performed by found that, of 10 in-room amenities available, patrons rank Internet and free Wi-Fi access as the most important.

Hotel guests rank Internet top consideration

Your rooms are prepared for your guests. Is your network?


Guests place a higher value on connectivity than in-room amenities include room size, air conditioning and bathroom shower. Patrons were also more concerned about having Wi-Fi access than they were with parking, front desk service or options like a swimming pool or bar.

“Think guest Wi-Fi is vital to your business? It’s more important than that,” noted a recent Quadriga report. “94 percent of [guests] see a hotel room without Wi-Fi as a deal breaker.”

One of the main issues seen within the industry is not enough network bandwidth. Quadriga noted that many hotel internet speeds fall considerably below 6Mbps, representing an “overwhelmed system that can only just cope with email and Facebook.” Therefore, when an enterprise traveler attempts to access their company’s cloud system, all bets are off.

When it comes to connectivity in the hospitality industry, companies in this sector have some of the most demanding users. Often, hotel guests don’t just want any old Wi-Fi access with their stay – if they are a corporate traveler, they simply must have fast, reliable access to their business resources through robust connectivity options. When hospitality companies cannot provide this amenity, they risk losing guests and considerable revenue.

Technology as a Differentiator

Technology presents one of the greatest innovation opportunities for enhancing guest experience and services. From fast and reliable Wi-Fi, mobile check-ins and “self-help” hospitality technologies — the latest advancements are powerful change makers.

Automatic failover and load balancing technologies represent a small investment that can make a big difference. With these systems in place, available network bandwidth is strategically dispersed and any outages are immediately dealt with. If one line experiences downtime, automatic failover will ensure that guests still have uninterrupted Wi-Fi access, and can allow them to have a relaxing and enjoyable stay.


Hotels should leverage multiple ISP links

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