WAN Virtualization Technology Supplements MPLS

wan virtualization supplements MPLS

SD-WAN and WAN Virtualization are new technologies that businesses with multiple locations are using to improve WAN economy and performance!

When a business has multiple locations, connectivity between the sites typically becomes critical, allowing remote sites to access to corporate resources and each of the locations to efficiently communicate. Traffic between the sites is often handled by a secure site-to-site VPN over public connectivity, however many companies turn to private connectivity technologies such as MPLS.

MPLS has a number of advantages. The traffic typically takes a defined route through the ISP’s network, and a low latency is often the result, along with a consistent level of performance. Additionally, the ISPs will typically be able to offer Quality of Service along the entire path from location to location. For real-time traffic such as voice and video, these benefits can be substantial. However, MPLS is not without its issues – generally the bandwidth is more expensive, and the MPLS itself is potentially a single point of failure.

The Benefits of SD-WAN with WAN Virtualization

Software defined wide area networking, specifically WAN Virtualization, lets you play to the strengths of both types of connectivity, provide redundancy and keep costs down. WAN Virtualization technology allows a business to utilize MPLS and supplement that connectivity with less expensive, higher bandwidth public connections.

As an example, a company could decide to take advantage of the MPLS circuit’s consistency, QoS, and low latency by routing their voice and video traffic over the private connectivity. Other, less latency-sensitive traffic, such as backups, file transfers, and the like could instead be sent over the public circuit (encrypted for security), taking advantage of the higher available throughput and spreading the traffic load. If one of the circuits were to fail, everything would be automatically re-routed over the remaining connectivity.

WANworX WAN Virtualization diagram

The real advantage of WAN Virtualization is that it allows for a great deal of flexibility, security, and optimization. Each type of connection (private and public) has different strengths, and the ability to utilize each of the circuits intelligently can allow businesses to take advantage of each while still keeping costs down.

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