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The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) provides national cross-industry measures of customer satisfaction in the United States. According to ACSI, Trade Joe’s has been leading the supermarkets category every year since 2016.

Trade Joe’s gets high marks for product selection and quality of service. On an emotional level, they connect with their customers, helping them have fun while they shop and going the extra mile to meet their desires. For example, around the holidays one year, Trade Joe’s delivered groceries – for free – to an elderly man in Pennsylvania. The company also brings in inventory that customers specifically request and do in-store sample testing.

Trader Joe’s business model lets it respond to customer feedback in ways that other supermarkets can’t match.

The software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) industry isn’t ranked by ACSI, however we continually measure Ecessa customer satisfaction rates and retention rates, both of which are higher than 98%. Why? It’s our passion.

Some technology companies tout “cloud-centered” SD-WAN or “policy-centered” SD-WAN.

Ecessa focuses on client-centered SD-WAN. We always have, and we always will.

Like Trader Joe’s, everything we do revolves around our customers. You could call our client-centered SD-WAN focus an obsession. From the products we build to the support we provide, everyone at Ecessa aims to delight customers. Our mission – our why for over two decades – is to ensure customer networks are Never Down®.

Step one is delivering rock solid technology that works 24 x 7 x 365.

“Our network is more resilient. The product just works.”  Vince Sullivan, IT Manager, Dunmore

“Every day one or two ISP connections go down, but that’s no longer an issue, since we installed the Ecessa solution. That problem is gone.”  Larry Schumacher, IT Architect, Woodstream

How are we able to do this? We’re an established technology company, not a flashy newcomer. About the time Yahoo, Google and PayPal were coming online to make the Internet more useful for businesses, Ecessa was building devices to make Internet connectivity reliable and resilient. Our degreed engineers have deep experience and curiosity. We’re constantly innovating to make sure business network are Never Down and that they’re secure, because what good are your online apps if you can’t reach them? What happens to your reputation if your network is breached?

Next comes a proactive, managed deployment approach.

Gathering network information, managing phased deployments and digging as deep as needed are all part of our client-centered process. Our engineers are there every step of the way to ensure customer success.

“I cannot thank you enough for your help and guidance through this process. You have been a shining example of the support that I expected to receive, and you over delivered.” Jeff Talant, C-Net Systems, Inc.

During complex deployments, our network engineers often uncover issues in other parts of client networks that, when resolved, improve overall performance. Like the time Ecessa helped a regional banking system troubleshoot its carrier issues. The Ecessa team ran single-threaded tests over the carriers and identified a carrier peering problem.

“The diagnostic capabilities of the Ecessa unit and the experience of the Ecessa team helped us uncover the real problem.” Jeff Nelson, Sr. Network Infrastructure Engineer, Stearns Bank

Finally, experienced technical support and development teams solve issues promptly.

We receive kind feedback from our customers all the time, like this from Dan Chase. “I would have to say that Ecessa has the best support team I have ever worked with in 16 years in the industry.”

We’re quick to investigate, recreate and resolve issues, because it’s in everyone’s best interest. Our support team works with clients in other ways, too, besides troubleshooting potential issues. Our support team helps clients turn up additional features and actively collects voice-of-customer feedback for future product releases.

“This unit is easy to configure. When we do need the help desk, they answer right away and are extremely knowledgeable with the exact answers we need with no fishing around.” Gary Carpenter, Network Administrator, Lancer Corporation

The ultimate objective: ensuring client networks are Never Down.

Today most businesses can’t run without online services. It’s essential to stay reliably and continuously connected to those resources. Succumbing to a carrier outage is damaging to productivity, cash flow and reputation.

“The most important aspect of nearly every network is availability. Performance, scalability, management, agility, etc. all require the network to actually be online.” Andrew Lerner, Research Director at Gartner, Inc.

That’s where Software Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) saves the day. SD-WAN features start at load balancing between ISP links and automatic link failover, and progress through advanced traffic routing and network security and next generation firewall functions.

“With the Ecessa we now have a redundant path. We had a disruption in service from one of our ISPs and it went unnoticed, both by our members and our employees.” Kent Kensmoe, Capital Electric Cooperative.

Ecessa’s approach is carrier agnostic, allowing you to use whichever service providers you want. You also get to keep your current IP addresses, and we won’t remove any network equipment you already have and love. You control the SD-WAN, instead of being held hostage to any particular provider or cloud service. We fit into your network, not the other way around.

We recognize that each network is unique and may not need every SD-WAN feature. Ecessa’s thoughtfully engineered products provide a progressive approach to SD-WAN that allows clients to purchase the right level of features for current resiliency and bandwidth requirements, and then upgrade when needed. Ecessa enables customers of all sizes and industries to adopt SD-WAN at their own pace.

“When your ability to compete is measured in minutes, you can’t waste a second with unreliable Internet connections. Ecessa allows us to add far more devices and look five years ahead. Some competitive products don’t have the ability to grow with your enterprise.” Thomas Fitzgerald, Network Engineer, Sunstone Circuits

Because it’s not technology, policies or the cloud that drives us – it’s our clients.

We’d love to learn about your business and networking needs. Please contact us to learn more.

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