Time Warner Customers Suffer Widespread Internet Outage

Time Warner Internet Outage

We say it all the time, even the best ISP will have bad days. This time it’s Time Warner. If you were one of their customers this morning and you needed your Internet connection…well, you were out of luck. And if you were a business customer and an internet outage costs you thousands of dollars, you may be sadly tallying up losses right about now.


That is, unless you had a link from a second internet provider and a device – like an Ecessa WAN link controller  —  that would instantly switch your traffic to the ISP that wasn’t down. We call that automatic failover. Network administrators call it good planning and peace of mind. The system detects the ISP problem and performs an automatic Internet failover while you sleep, undisturbed.


That’s what thousands of companies count on Ecessa for: never down connectivity. That’s why, if you’re a business of any size, you need more than one Internet connection.


Is that second connection just a standby waste of money most days? No! You can put it to work carrying network traffic. When was the last time a company needed LESS bandwidth for business applications? You will use that second link to carry its share of your network traffic all day and all night long, and in the event of an emergency, it will serve as your business lifeline to the Internet.




Wake up every day confident that your network is alive and well, no matter what. Learn more at www.ecessa.com/products/ or call us at 800.669.6242.


Time Warner tweet about their outage