WANworX® Secure SD-WAN combines reliable hardware, innovative software, network design and support services to allow organizations to operate from multiple locations seamlessly. WANworX powerful SD-WAN features:

  • Automatic Failover & Failback
  • Active/Active Use of Bandwidth
  • Session Load Balancing
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Next Generation Firewall (NGFW)
  • SIP Call Load Balancing & Failover
  • Authoritative DNS
  • Encryption (VPNs)

  • IPsec Encrypted SD-WAN Tunnels
  • Packet Level Duplication
  • Virtual Instance


WANworX complements any existing connection types, including:

  • MPLS
  • Broadband
  • Cable
  • Satellite
  • Microwave
  • Cellular 4G/LTE
  • 5G

Proving the Value


What’s the truth about SD-WAN? This Ecessa technology brief defines SD-WAN and illustrates network improvements using customer data and graphs.

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Customized SD-WAN Configurations Make Any Network Never Down

Deploying WANworX is like taking out an insurance plan on your connections. With supplemental links and connections, any network can become Never Down instantly.

For instance, let’s say a business operates from a primary headquarters and three additional offices. These facilities will often be connected with single-threaded MPLS links. While this configuration works and it offers security, it’s lacking in redundancy and therefore risks traffic congestion and downtime from carrier outages.


WANworX products are offered as both premises-based appliances and virtual instances that create a reliable, end-to-end secure SD-WAN solution. With every WANworX installation, we add in network intelligence controllers at strategic points on the network. Then we route traffic over all available links at all times, with the option to prioritize specific routes for certain applications, if necessary. If one or more links are lost for any reason, traffic is uninterrupted because it is automatically rerouted to flow over other available links. You can duplicate specific traffic, say voice or virtual desktop sessions, and send it over multiple links for a truly Never Down® network. WANworX is flexible, allowing you to create the environment you want.

You also have the option to use our integrated Next Generation Firewall at remote locations to offload traffic directly to the internet, reduce congestion at headquarters, and provide an extra layer of security. One device does it all.

Make your WAN more reliable, more secure, easier to manage, and reduce network costs.

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Ecessa Edge® is an appropriately scaled version of our SD-WAN products designed specifically for small businesses, stores and branch offices. Ecessa Edge features:

  • Automatic Failover & Failback
  • Active/Active Use of Bandwidth
  • Session Load Balancing
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Next Generation Firewall (NGFW)
  • SIP Call Load Balancing & Failover

Ecessa Edge is a smart investment for small businesses that require:

  • Reliable connectivity
  • Automatic Internet failover
  • Load balancing
  • Increased bandwidth.
  • Network security with intrusion prevention

By combining the strengths of up to three ISP links, Ecessa Edge keeps small businesses up and running around the clock.

Having the right technology in place – at a price that doesn’t break the IT budget – is the first step in driving business growth. Imagine the possibilities of a reliable, scalable network that guarantees uptime.  

A Unique Approach


Can technology transform a good business into a great one? In this white paper, we discuss one prominent technology decision-making methodology that can keep your business off the competitive racetrack to nowhere, and on your individual path to success.

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Improving Business Networks with One Simple Box

Ecessa Edge takes simple business networks and makes them stronger. We build upon your existing infrastructure to add up to three redundant WAN links that create automatic failover for voice, video or data applications. That means no more dropped calls, no more server interruptions and no more unexpected IT bills. Leveraging all three WAN links eliminates congestion and allows users to access necessary applications quickly and consistently.

Ecessa Edge infographic

Ecessa Edge uses intelligent outbound traffic management to load balance across all WAN links. By constantly monitoring ISP links and automatically rerouting traffic away from ill-performing links and back again when service resumes, Ecessa Edge keeps networks operating smoothly. Ecessa also increases available bandwidth by leveraging and all available ISP links and balancing loads evenly at all times, rather than reserving usable links for backup purposes alone.

Ecessa Edge includes Next Generation Firewall protection and it includes a SIP Proxy, SIP Registration Server and NAT Proxy that allows SIP traffic to be load balanced among network connections. Our intuitive reporting dashboard allows customers to track connection quality. When (not if) a network goes down, it’ll be reflected on the dashboard, letting customers know that Ecessa is always working for them in the background.

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Ecessa’s Insight+® is an optional managed service that not only keeps customers informed with at-a-glance insights on their networks and automatic outage alerts, it also shifts the chore of opening trouble tickets with carriers and ISPs to the Ecessa technical team.That means service outages are handled 100% by Ecessa, freeing IT teams to focus on revenue-generating activities instead of network troubleshooting. Ecessa’s SD-WAN appliances provide seamless failover, and our technical team is ready behind the scenes to open, progress and close trouble tickets as needed.

Let Ecessa Be Your

Network Watchdog

Egan Construction had an IT team spending valuable time investigating, troubleshooting and restoring carrier outages. That’s when they turned to Ecessa to create a new solution.

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Monitor. Manage. Report. Repeat.

IT teams don’t always have the time or capacity to investigate unexplained carrier outages. That’s where Ecessa comes in. Our team keeps a close eye on our client’s networks and automatically resolves issues behind the scenes. It’s this level of dedication that has built such strong trust in our Never Down® network.


Ecessa Insight+ monitors all WAN connections from various carriers and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) continuously. It investigates each event to verify if it is a carrier or ISP issue and gathers all applicable carrier and ISP information for each site within an organization.


In the event of a carrier or ISP outage, the Ecessa SD-WAN appliance fails over automatically. Then Insight+ kicks in to alert the Ecessa support team of the issue. We investigate the underlying issue with customer’s carrier or ISP, and act in our customer’s best interest to resolve the problem.


If a carrier outage occurs but failover is so seamless that the disruption goes unnoticed, does it really happen? 100% Yes. Our monthly trouble ticket resolution report provides a detailed analysis of customers’ carrier and ISP status and a summary of any incidents or tickets that occurred.


Ecessa is always working for our customers. We take our customers’ trust seriously, and we keep a watchful eye on things so customers can focus on strategic initiatives to grow their business.

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Comparison ChartEcessa EdgeEcessa PowerLinkEcessa WANworX
Ecessa Insight® Management Portal with statistics, graphing, reporting, alerts, and moreFeature IncludedFeature IncludedFeature Included
Automatic Failover & FailbackFeature IncludedFeature IncludedFeature Included
Active/Active use of Bandwidth and Session Load BalancingFeature IncludedFeature IncludedFeature Included
Quality of Service (QoS)Feature IncludedFeature IncludedFeature Included
Next Generation Firewall with IDS/IPSFeature IncludedFeature IncludedFeature Included
SIP Call Load Balancing & FailoverFeature IncludedFeature IncludedFeature Included
High Availability SupportedFeature IncludedFeature IncludedFeature Included
Authoritative DNS for Inbound Load Balancing and FailoverFeature IncludedFeature Included
Encryption (VPN) for Site-to-Site VPN and Remote Access VPNFeature IncludedFeature Included
IPsec Encrypted SD-WAN Tunnels for Seamless Load Balancing and FailoverFeature Included
Packet Level Control (Duplication, Aggregation, and more)Feature Included
Virtual Instances for Azure, VMWare, KVMFeature Included
WANworX UpgradableFeature IncludedFeature Included
Network Characteristics

Small office
Simple failover
Network monitoring
Hub & Spoke
Hosted applications
VPN replacement
Session load balancing

Full mesh network
Multiple sites
Never Down voice & VDI
Regulated industries with
security & compliance requirements
Professional services


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