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Ecessa secure SD-WAN and Internet failover products make ANY business network run better.

We grow with your IT needs, from ensuring reliable business Internet connectivity for a single office, through powering global enterprises with today’s most advanced networking technology: SD-WAN.

Ecessa Edge™

Ecessa Edge WAN Link Controllers deliver WAN link failover and load balancing technology that provides networks greater reliability, bandwidth and redundancy.

  • Automatic Failover
  • Outbound intelligent load balancing
  • Built in basic firewall
  • Integrated SIP proxy and registrar for VoIP
  • Transparent call handling – optimize voice reliability
  • Easy to install and maintain

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PowerLink keeps business networks up and running with automatic failover between Internet Service Provider (ISP) connections, load balancing, traffic shaping and automatic real-time call failover.

  • Automatic WAN link and ISP failover
  • Traffic shaping
  • Eliminate link congestion
  • Load balance links and inbound services
  • Basic firewall and VPN capabilities
  • SIP traffic load balancing
  • Easy to install and maintain

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WANworX™ ensures your organization is Never Down™. Optimized Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) performance with the most cost effective, scalable and advanced virtualization technology.

  • Virtual product available
  • Seamless uptime
  • Superior application performance
  • Consistent and reliable Cloud access
  • Flexible WAN architecture
  • Quickly scalable
  • Use all available bandwidth

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Ecessa Insight™

Ecessa Insight Management provides the ultimate in functionality and flexibility for monitoring, reporting and managing your entire wide area network. It allows you to deploy and maintain multiple Ecessa devices anytime, from anywhere you can access the Internet. Know what’s really going on with your provider links and network traffic with Ecessa Insight.

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Ecessa Insight+™

Ecessa Insight+ is your network’s personal assistant. Insight+ is a managed service provided by Ecessa’s expert technical team. When an outage occurs, your Ecessa SD-WAN appliance provides failover to prevent any business disruption. An outage alert is also sent to Ecessa’s technical team, who is at the ready to resolve the issue.

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Copy of Comparison Chart

Comparison ChartEcessa EdgeEcessa PowerLinkEcessa WANworX™
Automatic Failover & Failback
Active/Active use of Bandwidth and Session Load Balancing
Quality of Service (QoS)

Stateful Firewall

SIP Call Load Balancing & Failover

Authoritative DNS
Encryption (VPN's)

Multi-Site GRE Tunnels
Packet Level Duplication
Virtual Instance
WANworX Upgradable
Network Characteristics

Small Office
Simple failover
Network monitoring
Hub & Spoke
Hosted applications
VPN replacement
Session load balancing

Full mesh network
Multiple sites
Never Down voice & VDI
Regulated industries with security & compliance requirements
Professional services

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