The Criticality of VDI Performance: How EGAN Benefited from Ecessa WAN Virtualization

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These days, a number of companies have multiple locations operating within their service portfolio. However, the management and collaboration among these sites can sometimes present challenges.


In order to address these issues, many organizations have implemented VoIP and virtual desktop infrastructure technology to ensure that communication lines are available and open for remote collaboration. One such company is EGAN, which provides a range of construction services including mechanical, electrical, industrial controls, building systems, curtain wall and glass construction. When the company ran into performance issues with its network, it turned to Ecessa for help.


EGAN experiences VDI performance issues
Currently, the EGAN construction company employs more than 800 staff members and operates within several locations outside of its headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The business implemented a VDI system to ensure streamlined communications and access to mission-critical applications and resources for its employees within all of its sites.


However, once the system was put in place, company leaders noticed a number of VDI performance issues creeping up. As the successful operation of the companies multiple locations hinged on this technology, this was an issue that had to be addressed immediately to mitigate any additional obstacles and unlock the productivity benefits VDI and VoIP technology can foster.


EGAN CIO Jim Nonn noted that due to the lack of a high-performance network infrastructure, employees had to log in to the system nearly 50 times a day just to access the resources they needed. At first, Nonn contacted a major telecommunications provider to help establish reliable connectivity for the company. Nonn soon found that the firm’s system – which included multiple lines for failover – was lacking, especially when it came to its usability.


“We had been using a competitor’s equipment to take those two lines and make sure that if a connection went down, it would failover to the other connection and we just were not happy with the performance,” Nonn said. “In particular, our users weren’t happy with the performance, which is even worse.”


When he needed a network infrastructure solution that would provide more reliability, however, he chose Ecessa.


VDI performance critical to business processes
Nonn pointed out that when the company’s VDI and VoIP solutions became unavailable – which happened even in the middle of calls – the result was a loss in productivity and revenue. Thankfully, Ecessa was able to rectify EGAN’s situation with its industry-leading WAN virtualization technology – WANworX. The system was first implemented at one site, and once the benefits and success were realized, the company quickly deployed the technology at all of its remote sites.


Never being down – that’s really the key. That’s the bar in IT that we’re all held to now,” Nonn said. “And that’s one thing that the Ecessa equipment really helps us to ensure, that the remote sites, in particular, are never down, and that our headquarters site here is never down from a telecommunications link standpoint.”


With Ecessa’s WANworX in place, EGAN has a reliable connectivity infrastructure for its VoIP and VDI systems and Nonn is confident that these resources will always be available for employees.


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