Step Aside Failover, Never Down™ Networking Is Here

Network outages cost businesses millions of dollars every year. Even a 99.9% uptime guarantee from a carrier equates to nearly 9 hours of expected downtime a year. Most businesses will suffer significant damage from that level of downtime in the form of lost sales, lost productivity, lost customers, fines, damage to reputation, and more.

How much would an outage cost your business? Find out with our downtime calculator.

Outages happen every day, despite internet service provider guarantees of reliability and uptime. The circumstances leading to most outages are beyond their control. A resilient network, however is well within your control.

Our advice? At a minimum, make sure your network is resilient and redundant. Install multiple connections from different service providers on different cable runs, plus a device to monitor those connections and perform automatic failover and failback. Let technology do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to close up shop just because a construction crew misread a utility marking.

What about link quality issues? Details carriers don’t want to ‘fess up to – jitter, latency, packet loss – the culprits for dropped phone calls, frozen webinars, video conferences glitches, stalled cloud apps and file transfers that take forever. For most businesses, these are a major hindrance to production and efficiency – and completely avoidable.

SD-WAN solutions go beyond failover and create a network that isn’t vulnerable to individual link issues. What’s more, link monitoring dashboards, such as Ecessa Insight™, show you exactly what’s going on with individual links, giving you leverage with your service providers.

Advanced features for routing and traffic shaping allow you to lean on the strengths of multiple WAN connections from any combination of wired and wireless transports. If one link is having quality issues — up to and including an outage — traffic will be routed to better performing links. When the issue is resolved, traffic is routed back. In the case of premises-based SD-WAN solutions, network administrators can set the rules around this. Some carrier and cloud-based solutions restrict a network administrator’s ability to set rules.

For the highest levels of network resilience and redundancy, Ecessa’s SD-WAN products support numerous traffic routing options, including packet duplication, which ensures calls, videos, and data flow smoothly all the time. It creates a truly Never Down environment. You can read more about traffic routing in our technology brief, Inside SD-WAN: Traffic Routing Options.

Bottom line: when it comes to high performance wide area networks, failover is a requirement, but it’s not the only one. All Ecessa SD-WAN solutions provide automatic failover and failback; they also go beyond failover with network performance improvements that enable true Never Down networking, robust business continuity and optimal cloud application performance. Go beyond simple failover with Ecessa.