SASE Leads Ecessa’s 2021 Product & Services Development Roadmap

SASE roadmap Ecessa 2021

2020 – what a year, right? Even though it brought us wildfires, Covid-19 and murder hornets, it also forced us to focus on business essentials and respond quickly to customer needs for new features and introduced us to SASE – secure access network edge.

We hope you can find some silver linings within your business. Good thing happened to us. In 2020, Ecessa became a Communications Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: JCS) company. We added native Azure support and Same-IP failover. We expanded our technology and service capabilities through our sister companies JDL Technologies and Transition Networks. And we entered into several strategic partnerships that I’ll talk about in a moment.

Overall, we were incredibly honored to help our clients weather a challenging year and come out on top. Take that, stupid pandemic.

What’s on deck for 2021 besides mass immunizations? Our focus is on security and connectivity. Here are some of the exciting things on our development roadmap.

2021 Development Roadmap

  • A Diamond level SLA, offering fully managed services for Ecessa clients
  • Enhanced Security with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Anti-Virus, Enhanced VPN, Geo-fencing emerging threats
  • Cloud Orchestration with Zero Touch Deployments using a new phone home feature, making deploying new locations easier than ever
  • Cellular Connectivity as-a-service, integrated in Ecessa devices
  • Private LTE/5G as-a-service offering
  • High security VPN that cannot be hacked

Some of these new offerings will leverage exciting technology from our new technology partnerships. Quortus private 5G network solutions will provide core functionality for a secure, private 5G-as-a-Service offering for school, corporate, industrial and other campus environments. Spyrus tamper-proof, military grade encryption will extend higher levels of security for clients in industries including financial services, healthcare, and insurance.  

Heightened Security and SASE

In our current environment of remote work and heavy reliance on cloud applications, security is the top concern we hear from clients and analysts. It’s no longer enough to have a powerful firewall in your datacenter. The future of security is in the cloud and at the edge. The mature SD-WAN market is leaning into this demand for heightened security. SD-WAN is evolving to Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and we’re advancing our offerings right along with it. We’ve been adding security features to our SD-WAN solutions for years. Now our development team is working to integrate even more of those critical security features, like endpoint management and Zero Trust Network Authorization, to provide even better support for your security-first environment.

As you architect your networks for security, we will help. We’ll also be adding more features to Ecessa Insight to enable zero touch configuration for easier deployment and network management. Later in the year we’ll release an integrated cellular-as-a-service offering to make reliable connections and failing over even easier for small offices and home offices.

As we put the pandemic behind us and move confidently into economic recovery, we won’t look to “getting back to normal.” We’ll apply the lessons we learned to grow stronger, smarter and better than ever. Please look to Ecessa to help build your networks for the next decade and to support you every step of the way. Contact us anytime.