From Impulse to Warp Speed: Right-Sizing Your WAN

How did your current Wide Area Network come to be what it is today? Did you compromise on bandwidth or leave locations off of your network due to budget constraints? Did you select a network above what you needed to allow for growth? Does this network allow you to leverage cloud applications or allow for a functioning disaster recovery site? These are some questions that may be asked to provide insight into why the WAN is what it is.

The WAN you have today was probably decided on using some of the following business factors:

  • Budget
  • Service availability
  • Application type/size
  • Needed reliability

Those factors, as we know, are very dynamic. Every one of them can and will change over time. Knowing that the network requirements will change over time contradicts the reality of how most WAN contracts are written. WAN networks are typically written on 36 month contracts. Making changes to these networks within the contract term may result in the extension of term or adding services at costs above market price.

Benefits of Right-Sizing Your WAN

At Ecessa one of the added benefits we discuss is “Right-Sizing” your WAN. WAN virtualization can provide the necessary means to maximize efficiency, create seamless uptime and provide the ability to customize the flow of applications using intelligent routing via multiple paths. Industry professionals we partner with look to blend networks that complement each other to ensure you receive the best performance per Mb.This also delivers confidence that your critical applications are taking priority using more than one network and ensuring seamless performance.

Another added benefit is insight. Once the WAN has been virtualized, we can report important information about your carriers’ network performance. You may find that one network is not performing up to the current SLA that is in place, another carrier might throttle bandwidth or maybe a circuit even performs better than advertised.

The other reality is that the needs of locations can vary greatly, and having the ability to test certain locations using different carrier paths can provide invaluable information on what each location’s actual requirements are as opposed to taking your best guess. This intelligence also helps when deciding on carrier options to meet the need for new locations or the delivery of new and/or growing applications. This intelligence also allows for faster fact-based decisions from management.

The network of the future is the one you’re responsible for today. Imagine your network, virtualized, with all the bandwidth each locations needs, performing optimally no matter what. When management is demanding faster performance and reliability from the WAN, you can channel your inner Scotty and confidently say, “Captain I’m giving her all she’s got!” and know your ship will hold together.

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