Reliable, responsive WAN starts with Ecessa

Summit Partners Chooses Ecessa SD-WAN Technology

More and more businesses are depending on voice, video and remotely hosted applications delivered over the internet to run their businesses. That means a reliable and responsive, never down, communications network isn’t only nice to have, it’s necessary.

Ecessa has the tools to keep your network running, so you don’t have to think about it. Our broad range of WAN solutions and price points allows any organization, single site up through enterprise, to eliminate network downtime.

Ecessa technology solutions provide seamless, secure and reliable WAN connectivity. That’s why Summit Partners deployed Ecessa’s WANworX™ product globally.

After trying a few of the other SD-WAN solutions, Summit Partners turned to Ecessa to support their business critical data resiliency, VoIP and video conferencing needs. Ecessa was able to meet all of their technical needs and solve a few others they didn’t even know about. In the end, Summit Partners, deployed Ecessa in every global office and hasn’t looked back once.

With proven results, such as 98 percent packet loss improvement and a network that is never down, Summit Partners is set up for success today, and into the future.

Read more about how Summit Partners improved its network by downloading the case study.

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