IT Security Alert: Russia-Ukraine Conflict

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We are saddened by the events unfolding in Ukraine and recognize that in addition to local hardships, the conflict will pose severe cybersecurity challenges for governments and businesses in NATO nations. Several threat groups aligned with Russian interests have been identified as active against Ukraine and Eastern European targets and their reach is expected to spill over to other targets. In fact, Russia has always been one of, if not the biggest source of modern IT security threats, ranging from disinformation to active hacking and phishing.

We therefore recommend individuals and organizations immediately take a heightened, proactive approach to cyber security.

If you would like help with this, our partner JDL Technologies offers a full suite of security tools for businesses ranging from Security Awareness TrainingEndpoint Detection & Response, SOC/NOC services and more, each addressing a different aspect of cybersecurity.

It’s important to map your company’s risk profile with the proper mitigation tools.  We encourage you to turn up your cyber safety efforts to stay protected in this evolving threat landscape.

What Ecessa is doing to monitor the situation:

  • Ecessa’s Layer 7 Firewall ruleset is updated daily and can be configured to check more often for updates. We recommend our users configure their Ecessas to download the ruleset at least once daily.
  • Together with our partner JDL Technologies, we are following several watchdog groups, most notably:
    • The US Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force
    • Cyber Nation (a collaboration of cyber security companies and government agencies)
  • JDL Technologies also works hand in hand with the following security partners
    • Firewall/network
      • Ecessa
      • Watchguard
      • Palo Alto
      • Fortinet
    • Endpoint Protection
      • Bitdefender
    • Security Awareness
      • KnowBe4
    • Email Security
      • Microsoft
      • Mimecast
      • Proofpoint
    • SOC
      • Lionguard

The question is not if but when and to whom cyber attacks will happen as a result of the conflict in Ukraine. In the coming weeks you can expect to see an increase in phishing activity, malware infections and ransomware attacks. Industry experts also see an increase in targeted hacking.

The most important IT security things you can do right now are:

The teams at Ecessa and JDL Technologies stand ready to help you improve your security posture. Contact us today to get started.