Growing Demands on IT Departments

growing demands on IT departments


“IT departments’ jobs get more complex every day. The most important thing is solving problems and creating systems that help you sleep better at night.” — Jim Nonn, CIO, EGAN


So, why are demands and complexity growing?


Here are 5 stats that highlight why there are, and will continue to be, growing demands on IT departments in businesses of all sizes.


  • New branches and mobility: 92% of companies have added or are adding new branches (via TheFinancialBrand, Sept. 2013)


  • Application proliferation: 68% of companies expect growing bandwidth demand (via 2014 InformationWeek Next Gen WAN Survey)


  • Migration to the cloud: There will be $191B in spent on cloud services and software by 2020 (via Forrester/San Jose Mercury 2014)


  • 40% of companies have 16 or more branch or remote office sites connecting to their headquarters or primary data centers. (via 2014 InformationWeek Next Gen WAN Survey)


  • Big data — all the data flowing in from sensors, machines and applications. It’s not necessarily the huge volume, but the variety and context of this data, arriving in unstructured formats, requiring a lot of integration work to make it all fit and usable by the business. IDC predicts there will be data flowing from billions of devices– at least 212 billion– by the end of 2020. (via ZDNet)


What does all of this mean? It means that IT directors need to develop approaches to manage growing bandwidth requirements. For EGAN Construction Company, finding the right partner to help do this meant less stress on IT and a huge savings for the business. EGAN saves over $100,000 per site annually in technology expenses.


“With Ecessa’s help, our Virtual PC’s and VoIP systems at our remote sites have far greater ability and far greater reliability. And, I have the confidence in saying that they’re never down,” Nonn says.


Read about how EGAN overcame this new demands in three minutes or less with this quick fire case study. Looking to understand how Ecessa can help? Here’s more information on WANWorX.