Get in the know – compare and contrast SD-WAN solutions

You’ve heard all about SD-WAN’s bright future for delivering reliable networks. It’s a red-hot technology and one that you need to stay on top of.

SD-WAN improves connectivity for vital communications and data—ending dropped connections and eliminating costly downtime. In the next five years, SD-WAN is expected to become the standard for network solutions. In fact, Gartner’s Andrew Lerner predicts that by 2019, 30% of enterprises will deploy SD-WAN technology in their branches, up from less than 1% today.

This technology improves packet-loss, latency issues and overall network performance. If downtime effects the bottom line of your organization (like it does most), it’s time to think about a reliable solution like SD-WAN.

So, how do you know if SD-WAN is right for your organization, or which solution you should deploy? Each technical approach varies, and each comes with different criteria to consider.

Ecessa has created a concise technology brief comparing virtual, cloud based and premise based solutions. In this brief you’ll find a breakdown of these solutions and common questions to ask that will help point you in the right direction. Such as:

  • Do you have specific security requirements for compliance?
  • Are you looking to improve your WAN performance at multiple locations?
  • Is your network fully virtualized?

These are a few of the questions that will help guide you in your SD-WAN decision.

Also included with the brief is a company comparison chart, demonstrating why an Ecessa solution might be the most secure, reliable and flexible SD-WAN solution in the market. For specific examples of Ecessa’s SD-WAN solutions in action, click here.

So, while SD-WAN may still be labeled as an emerging technology to some, Ecessa has created a full portfolio of products that satisfy single site WAN failover to large scale multi-location enterprises. And don’t forget, every Ecessa appliance is software upgradeable to the SD-WAN feature set so your investment is protected.

Download our technology brief to compare and contrast the different technical solutions and the providers behind them. SD-WAN is transforming traditional networking, see how Ecessa is leading the pack.

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