Elegant Failover and Increased Bandwidth – Priced to Scale

benefits of ecessa edge

In today’s marketplace, literally every business requires Internet service that never goes down.

We’ve heard from businesses of all sizes –  they struggle with a barrage of IT-related challenges spanning from application and network performance to department turnover. Specifically, they crave never-fail Internet.

But how can a small business justify the investment of protecting their network given the constraints of a limited IT budget? Ecessa EdgeTM offers load balancing and failover that’s not only cost-effective, but eliminates network downtime.

Scaled right and priced right – in some cases lower than your monthly coffee budget – there is protection for even the smallest organizations. As more and more businesses adopt the use of cloud-based applications, their bandwidth consumption increases exponentially. With Ecessa Edge, even the local corner store can access the same reliability, resiliency and redundancy as a national grocery chain.

The primary drivers of bandwidth consumption, as described by Dark Fiber Community, include:

  • Cloud Computing: both consumer and enterprise cloud usage will impact bandwidth demand in the future as more data and applications are allocated to the Cloud.
  • Data Transfer and Storage: As more enterprises begin colocating their environments and utilizing data center virtualization to cut costs and streamline workflows, the more network demand there will be to ensure that data can be transferred seamlessly between data center and business locations.
  • Internet of Things (IoT): The more connected devices that hit the market, the greater the demand for increased bandwidth.

Read the full article here.

To protect their connectivity and continuity of business operation, small businesses often rely on basic firewalls that aren’t robust or reliable, or they pay the higher price for multi-WAN solutions that don’t fit the bill. The Ecessa Edge solution bridges the gap and provides an elegant, affordable solution to protect their business from downtime.

Along with increased bandwidth, automatic WAN link failover and intelligent load balancing, here’s what you can expect with an Ecessa Edge solution (Click here for full details).

  • Ecessa Edge vigorously monitors and reports on the quality of connections and tracks when outages occur, creating nimble backup links.
  • Ecessa Edge keeps your connections running, and provides redundancy even in cases of fiber optic breaks. Yes, our well-regarded failover and failback comes with Ecessa Edge.
  • Ecessa Edge creates harmonious networks of up to three internet connections at $50 per month to eliminate congestion and guarantee continuous, robust and protected service.