Don't fail. Fail over.

Every organization that connects to the Internet or uses hosted VoIP and other cloud apps needs network redundancy and resilience – but many small businesses don’t know how to achieve this or think it’s outside their budget. That’s why we made Ecessa Edge™. All the best Ecessa features scaled – and priced – right.

For a small monthly fee, Ecessa Edge combines the strengths of up to three ISP links and makes network magic happen.  So many benefits for such a low price.

Ecessa’s Crawl-Walk-Run approach to SD-WAN, allows any business—at any evolutionary stage and IT budget—to have a Never Down™ network.

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Ecessa Edge Strengths

1. Elegant Failover and Failback

Stay connected to your Internet and cloud applications by using multiple Internet circuits to build a truly diverse and reliable network. Protect your business from service interruptions and outages. Even the best service provider guarantees won’t stop a backhoe from slicing a fiber optic cable. Be prepared with redundant connections and fail over automatically when the time comes.

Ecessa Edge failover and failback

2. Monitoring and reporting - know what you're paying for

View reports tracking the quality of your connections – know exactly when outages occur and the duration. Put idle backup ISP links to use every day.

3. Improve application quality

Prioritize business critical voice and cloud traffic over less important traffic, like web browsing. Ensure voice, video and data quality and performance by setting Quality of Service (QoS) rules.

4. Increase your bandwidth

Leverage up to three ISP links of any service available in your area: fiber, broadband, cable, DSL, wireless, you name it. Reduce your WAN expense by leveraging new, lower cost broadband connections to complement or replace more expensive connections.

Ecessa Edge add bandwidth

How Does Ecessa Edge Work?

Ecessa Edge creates multi-homed networks of up to 3 WAN links to eliminate link congestion, guarantee full connectivity and continuous service. Ecessa Edge uses intelligent outbound traffic management to load balance across all WAN links. It includes basic firewall protection and it includes a SIP Proxy, SIP Registration Server and NAT Proxy that allows SIP traffic to be load balanced among network connections for the best VoIP call quality.


  • Automatic failover
  • Outbound intelligent load balancing
  • Built in basic firewall
  • Integrated SIP proxy and registrar for VoIP
  • Transparent call handling - optimize voice reliability
  • Easy to install and maintain
benefits of ecessa edge
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