EGAN Deploys Virtual Desktop Infrastructure to Eliminate Network Outages & Support Growth

Egan Company VDI cost savings

EGAN Construction Company, based out of Minneapolis, began in 1945 with $3,000 in startup capital. The $215 million dollar commercial construction company now employs over 800 people. EGAN specializes in mechanical, electrical, and systems construction and service.

    • EGAN struggled with reliable access to their cloud and various business applications for their remote employees. Employees had to login up to 50 times a day. CIO Jim Nonn hired the largest telecommunications company in the space to help create a high-performing network, but EGAN still needed more confidence in a solution.
    • EGAN worksites are now connected via virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and have the freedom and flexibility to not have additional hardware on site. Before utilizing Ecessa, EGAN needed a server, Storage Area Network (SAN), support for the SAN, and a router. In all, over $70,000 in onsite hardware costs are avoided while Ecessa’s never down technology increases the quality of the connection and service. EGAN saves over $100,000 per site annually in technology expenses. WANworX WAN Virtualization has allowed EGAN to replace their MPLS network with multiple Internet connections at each location and implement cost saving VDI technologies at remote locations.
    • Increased reliability paired with cost savings has allowed EGAN to seamlessly acquire worksites, increase productivity, and lessen the need for onsite hardware.


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