Delaware Valley Floral Group Delivers Freshness with SD-WAN

Delaware Valley Floral Group Uses Ecessa SDWAN

Delaware Valley Floral Group (DVFG) has been in business for over 50 years and during that time they have grown into one of the largest floral distribution and logistics companies in the United States.

DVFG had deployed single MPLS connections between their locations. From time to time, they experienced line degradation and outages, which resulted in lost productivity. This was particularly disruptive during peak holiday times, like the weeks approaching Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day.

DVFG set out to fortify their wide area network (WAN) and remove the single connection vulnerability.  They researched several SD-WAN options, including Ecessa, for traffic load balancing and automatic failover.

Early in 2015, they selected a competitor, but the product never quite worked.

After six months of frustration and dissatisfaction, DVFG returned the competitive product and replaced it with WANworX™, Ecessa’s software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) solution. Read the complete case study to learn more about their success with Ecessa and SD-WAN. Read the case study >>

Read the DVFG SD-WAN Case Study