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The Internet is essential for conducting business and communicating with customers, partners and employees. Network downtime not only costs money and loss of productivity, it can also ruin a company’s reputation. Automated failover prevents those damages by rerouting data from a failed component to a functioning component. The three critical elements requiring failover configuration are power, network connectivity and server capacity.

Automatic Failover and High Availability

Most organizations install uninterruptable power supply (UPS) equipment in their data centers. Many have redundant servers. Network components require the same attention.

Depending on your tolerance for outages (and we would argue that level is near zero for most organizations), you can keep spare equipment on hand for manual replacement (cold spare), stand up a fully redundant, synchronized disaster recovery (DR) site, or deploy redundant paired units (hot spare) that failover automatically.

Ecessa WAN link controllers are designed to provide automatic network failover when one communication link fails. Continuous network uptime is so critical that many organizations integrate a secondary Ecessa device to serve as a backup to take over if needed. This configuration is referred to as a High Availability pair, or HA pair.

When hardware is configured as a High Availability (HA) pair, the failover mechanisms run in the background, so the transfer takes place automatically. There is no need to drive to the office in the middle of the night to manually connect and configure replacement hardware. The data on both systems is continuously and automatically synchronized. To the user, failover resembles a very fast automatic service reboot.

You can learn more about High Availability in Ecessa’s technology brief, Everything You Need to Know About Network Failover.

Ecessa’s mission is to make business networks more resilient, to ensure uptime and keep organizations growing. Rainy days do occur; every company needs a backup plan in place. Ecessa is here to support you and give you peace of mind.

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