All Ecessa SD-WAN Solutions:

  • Are available as hardware appliances or VMware virtual instances
  • Support Hardware Failover (also referred to as High Availability)
  • Support Fail-to-Wire
  • Support port bridging and bonding

ECESSA EDGE, PowerLink and WANworX Solutions Include:

  • Load Balancing and Failover
    • Ability to use multiple WANs simultaneously
    • Links are monitored so that only healthy WANs are used
    • Allows for use of all available bandwidth, or allows user to choose to failover to an alternates like LTE

  • Quality of Service (QoS)
    • Has the ability to prioritize important traffic so the network is not affected by congestion

  • Security
    • Firewall secures the network by controlling, or stopping outside access. Can segregate internal networks for security or compliance reasons.

  • Cloud Management with Insight™
    • Ecessa Insight is the ultimate in functionality and flexibility for monitoring, reporting and managing entire wide area networks. Insight is included with every Ecessa device to simplify deploying and maintaining multiple Ecessa devices from anywhere with Internet access. Our intuitive dashboard makes it easy to understand how provider links and network traffic are functioning, simplifying SD-WAN management.
  • Automatic email alerts
  • Periodic site and service checks
  • Real-time and historic graphs
  • Service level agreement (SLA) tracking
  • Automatic backups
  • Off-line configuration management

PowerLink / WANworX Solutions Include:

  • Inbound Load Balancing and Failover
    • Authoritative DNS feature allows your DNS to respond based on WAN availability. This enables load balancing on inbound connections or ensures your services are available during a WAN outage. Ecessa’s “Server Failover” and “Dual-Role DNS” features also allow redirected traffic in the event of server failures, or redirect traffic to a backup/DR site in the case of a site outage.
  • VPN
    • Traffic can be encrypted for security with VPN. ecessa allows both Site-to-Site and Remote Access VPN. Site-to-Site can connect to any standard firewall or service using IPsec VPN. Remote access VPN (either IPsec/L2TP or SSL) allows remote workers the ability to access the network from their phone or personal computer.

Ecessa WANworX Includes:

  • Multi-Site GRE Tunnels
    • This feature provides the best site-to-site connection between Ecessa devices. There is no interruption of traffic when a WAN fails. Ecessa can provide more throughput than a standard site-to-site VPN since all of the available links are used simultaneously. Multi-Site GRE tunneling reduces and prevents packet loss, latency and jitter (because of duplication).