Ecessa is here to help…

Hello. In this time of COVID-19 preparedness, social distancing and working from home, I want you to know that Ecessa is here to help you. We’ve spent the last 18 years building out solutions that enable robust, reliable and resilient connections to home and offices around the globe. We stand ready to help you deploy infrastructure that you need to support your remote workers during this time of rapid change. We encourage you to reach out to us to learn more about our SD-WAN solutions, how we can provide security at your network’s edge and how we can provide resiliency and a Never Down work environment. 

Because everything we do is in support of resilient connectivity around the globe, we ourselves are fully able to comply with Covid-19 mitigation guidelines for safety and social distancing. The majority of the Ecessa team is currently working remotely, accessing all the tools we normally use in the office through third-party apps and our secure VPN. Functions that need to be handled on-site are being supported by essential personnel. You will not experience any delays in service. We are 100% up and running to support you and your organizations.  As we have been doing for 18 years, we are available 24x7x365, no excuses.

For our customers, we want to emphasize the value of keeping your service level agreement (SLA) current, so you have access to the latest and greatest security and feature enhancements. We understand these are trying times and so we are offering flexible terms and payment options. Please call us at 800.669.6242 or use the form below to contact us about renewing your SLA or upgrading your Ecessa devices to handle more throughput.

Reach out to us today. Thank you.

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