Finding Reliable VDI in Never Down Technology

The Company

Egan Company (Egan), based out of Minneapolis, began in 1945 with $3,000 in startup capital. The $215 million commercial engineering and construction company now employs over 1,100 people. Egan specializes in mechanical, electrical and systems construction and service.

Egan operates from multiple worksites using virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Before working with Ecessa, the company struggled with reliable access to their cloud and various business applications for their remote employees.

“Employees had to login 50 times a day,” said Egan CIO Jim Nonn. Egan’s remote locations needed a high performing network. Nonn hired the largest telecommunications company in the space to help, but he still needed more confidence in a solution.

“When a site can’t communicate, we lose the opportunity to bid on a job, we can’t follow up on POs, and we are unable to confirm changes or provide costs. This leaves our project managers and field staff frozen in place,” Nonn said. “That productivity loss translates to revenue loss.” That’s when he turned to Ecessa.

The Challenge

After successfully deploying Ecessa’s WANworX® appliances, Egan needed to take it a step further. When a connection was lost with a carrier or ISP, network failover takes effect. When failover happens, the amount of data that needs to get through the network remains the same, but the bandwidth is reduced. This makes it incredibly important to get that downed connection restored quickly. However, resources were being consumed calling into Ecessa and their carrier/ ISP to diagnose the problem. These were valuable resources Egan just didn’t have to spare. The carrier offered a monitoring service, but as Nonn said, “It’s kind of like the fox watching the henhouse.” It was decided that wasn’t the option for them.

The Solution

Nonn reached out to Ecessa and requested a monitoring and reporting service to help free up their resources. With the feedback and request in hand, Ecessa created Ecessa Insight+®, a paid extension of the free Ecessa Insight® management tool that is provided with every Ecessa appliance. It allows Ecessa to monitor the end user’s connections. When a connection goes down, the Ecessa support team is on the case contacting the provider, opening the trouble tickets, and progressing the ticket until a solution is found. A report is provided at the end of the month with a summary of the outages

The Results

In the event of a downed connection, the Ecessa appliances do their job, they failover the data to an available connection. However, now instead of the team at Egan taking the time to trouble shoot and investigate the loss of signal, Ecessa does that for them.

At the end of the day, “Having Insight+ frees up resources and it just works! The best part about Ecessa, is we just don’t have to worry about our network anymore.” said Nonn.

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Commercial Engineering and Construction


Minneapolis, MN



Cool Fact

Began in 1945 with $3,000; now has over 1,100 employees


Ecessa Product

WANworX®, Ecessa Insight® and Ecessa Insight+®

“Having Insight+ frees up resources and it just works! The best part about Ecessa, is we just don’t have to worry about our network anymore.”

Jim Nonn