Why Entrust Your IT to a Managed Services Provider

gears to depict moving parts of managed services

There are a lot of moving parts in an IT department, and they need almost constant attention. Whether you have an internal IT resource or outsource those tasks to a managed services provider, there’s always plenty to do. For example, new security vulnerabilities are identified – and exploited – almost daily. Hardware and software vendors do a pretty good job of rapidly issuing security patches, but someone still needs to monitor for these patches and ensure they are tested and installed in a timely fashion. If you manage your IT in house, that means someone on your team must be vigilant in monitoring against evolving cyber threats, determine if a patch is needed, then download and install them on all your systems. That’s in addition to their other IT duties, like handing migrations, fixing equipment, onboarding new team members, offboarding terminated staff, and the list goes on.

According to Business News Daily, “Businesses need managed service providers because they negate risks.” If a managed services provider did nothing but install patches to keep your business safe, they would still make your life easier and your business more secure. Truth is, they do so much more.

  • They install Spam/Virus/Malware Protection Program that includes scanning email and data before it reaches your company’s systems.
  • They provide industry-leading cybersecurity awareness training for your entire team.
  • They ensure you aren’t paying too much for licenses you aren’t using by right-sizing subscriptions.
  • They serve as your help desk, saving you hours of lost productivity.
  • They migrate applications to the cloud and reduce maintenance and costs you are paying for servers.
  • They back up your data.
  • They help you create a Disaster Preparedness Plan and recover from disasters as needed.
  • They help you with IT planning and proactively recommend improvements that will increase your team’s efficiency, prevent technical issues and reduce complexity.
  • They manage your equipment and procure new equipment as needed.
  • They monitor your network and alert you to unusual activity.
  • Most importantly, they have an entire team of experts cross trained in all fields of technology.

You get it – they become your expert IT team on demand.

Couldn’t you just augment your staff with excellent IT hires? Maybe, though finding all the skills required in a small pool of resources is akin to finding a unicorn. In today’s tight labor market, it may not be all that easy. Investopedia estimates the costs of recruiting, training and retaining employees have risen significantly over the past five years, particularly for small businesses. “Once you factor in the cost of recruiting, training, and more, the dollars start adding up.” Leveraging a team of full-service IT experts at a fraction of the cost of keeping them on your payroll is a smart move.

Outsourcing has proven itself a viable option across a range of disciplines, notably IT services. Many companies achieve a competitive advantage by engaging with a Managed Service Provider. Ecessa and our sister company JDL Technologies have been providing Network Management and Managed IT Services to clients for over 20 years and we’d love to help you, too. Please contact us to discuss your needs.