Voice of Customer Informs Ecessa Firmware Releases

ecessa uses voice of customer feedback


Each time Ecessa releases a firmware update, the new features, improvements, changes, fixes and security enhancements are informed by not only our engineers and advancements in technology, but also our customers. Our frequent contact with SD-WAN clients provides opportunities to gather ideas on how to make our products easier to install, monitor and manage, and we deliver that with periodic new revisions.

What makes our software revisions outstanding is the methodology and discipline used by the entire Ecessa team. We integrate Voice of Customer feedback into our development roadmap, develop features to a set plan and then run it through extensive tests before we release it.

We capture Voice of Customer feedback several ways. A primary method is through our technical support team. They gather ideas for improvements and new features and work with the development team to bundle suggestions into targets for periodic firmware updates.

Another way we gather suggestions is through a Voice of Customer email box. We appreciate and review all comments submitted to us.

Rigorous testing is vital to Ecessa’s release process. Our products work in many different network environments. We have to anticipate how both inexperienced and advanced users will deploy our solutions. Those scenarios require a wide range of features. As anyone who works with software knows, fixing one bug or adding one feature has the capacity to break other things, so we developed stringent test procedures to verify that our code is stable before presenting it to customers. We run each change through hundreds of tests. This includes peer testing, automated testing, functional testing, manual testing and stress testing.

We are proud of our firmware update methodology and the performance of Ecessa’s SD-WAN products. We look forward to hearing your feedback.