Secure Remote Workforce Solutions: The Essentials You Need Now

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When two like-minded organizations start working together, great things tend to happen. Ecessa became part of the CSI family of companies in 2020 and joined forces with another CSI company, JDL Technologies, to deliver comprehensive, secure remote workforce solutions. Secure remote workforce solutions were exactly what organizations needed in 2020 and they are still top of mind today. 

JDL Ecessa unified IT services

Millions of people who used to work in offices are now working remotely. Chances are, many of your team members work from home. That adds remote workforce management, communication, productivity and security challenges to your job. Ecessa and JDL Technologies can help.

Powering Your Remote Workforce

If you’re familiar with Ecessa and our Never Down networking solutions, you may be wondering what has changed. JDL Technologies is a Managed Services Provider that can serve as your IT department or augment your team. JDL supplies not only the 24×7 support services your team needs, but also procure and configure hardware and software, as well as provide security training and virtual CIO consulting. Add that to the extensive networking expertise of Ecessa and you have the most robust IT service organization anywhere.

When it comes to remote workforce solutions, our combined teams provide everything from remote worker equipment and HQ infrastructure upgrades to the applications that will make your remote teams most productive. We protect it all with cybersecurity solutions and staff training so your people can recognize and prevent cyberattacks. Ecessa and JDL have what you need to keep your company, clients and data safe.

Services Remote Workers Need

Whether you support your remote workers with internal resources or elect to outsource the effort, here are some essential things they need.

  • Remote work technology and home workstation support. Your remote workers need up-to-date equipment with current software licenses, patches, and ongoing updates on laptops, tablets and phones.
  • Secure remote login. This gives team members access to all the resources they are permitted to use and prevents unauthorized access and data breaches
  • Unified Communications. Having linked email, messaging, phones, video conferencing and file sharing makes them as productive at home as they are at the office, and maybe even more productive. Work phones ring to computers or mobile devices, email is accessible from any device, file sharing and collaborative editing are immediate, and so much more.
  • Fast, friendly and expert Help Desk support all day, every day
  • HQ resources always available. Your core network and internet services may need upgrades to handle the increased volume of people accessing resources remotely. SD-WAN failover and load balancing devices keep those resources always available.

If you’re tired of trying to manage your home worker network, of duct-taping apps together, of calls cutting out or your VPN losing its connection, then it’s time to ask Ecessa and JDL Technologies to do the heavy lifting for you. We’re experts at telework solutions and we ourselves use all the technologies we manage for hundreds of other companies across the country.

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