SD-WAN: this summer’s hot tech topic

“Software-defined Wide Area Networking is red hot. It is safe to assume that, going forward, every multi-location business will rely on SD-WAN for a cost effective, high-quality, unified network solution” – Network World

Everyone and their CTO is talking about SD-WAN as the hot solution for wide area networking. From cutting-edge tech publications, to those in the IT trenches, mentions of SD-WAN are on the rise. Google trends data shows that search interest for “SD-WAN” has seen a 20x increase over the past two years.

SD-WAN Interest Over Time

What’s all the fuss about?

“Software-defined WAN solutions are highly appealing for their efficiency, flexibility and security benefits. Our survey showed that although still emerging, software-defined WAN solutions are integral in shaping the future of WAN management.” –Forrester Research

Today’s users demand rich, seamless, interactive online applications, and in turn, so do the businesses that serve them. According to a recent Forrester study, three out of four firms surveyed listed “higher bandwidth capacity at branch offices” as a key priority for their next 12 months. Generally, limited bandwidth has been a tough obstacle for a small or medium sized business (SMB) to overcome, but SD-WAN is closing that gap at a price tag SMBs can actually afford.

As the world gets hungrier and hungrier for bandwidth, it also gets hungrier and hungrier for SD-WAN. Make sure you’re up to speed on this fast-growing topic by checking out our partner portal. It’s loaded with helpful content so you can become the wise WAN partner your customers are looking for.


Are you ready to become an SD-WAN expert?


Things are just heating up

“By the end of 2019, 30% of enterprises will use SD-WAN products in all their branches, up from less than 1% today.” -Gartner

SD-WAN is still an emerging market. And it’s not too late to be ahead of the adoption curve. For you and your customers, the world of SD-WAN is only going to get hotter and better as demand increases alongside quality and affordability. As this market grows, new differentiators will emerge, such as great customer service on both the broker and buyer side of things. At Ecessa, we pride ourselves on just that, by providing full sales and technical support to our brokers before, during and after the sale. The only thing we like more than being a hot topic is being a great partner.