Q & A with Ecessa: How can I make Office 365 and OneDrive work better?

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How can I make Office 365 and OneDrive work better?

Q:  We recently made the switch to MS Office 365 and OneDrive for business. We were led to believe it was a smart business choice to migrate these application to the cloud, however we’re struggling with sluggish performance and sometimes our applications are unavailable. What’s up with that?

A:  While moving to the Cloud offers many benefits, like any transition to a new system it requires planning and adequate resources to be successful. Resources which may previously have been accessed locally (over high speed internal networks) are now accessed via services at remote data centers.

This means additional traffic is now using your Internet resources, which may become congested or over-saturated, slowing down access or even disconnecting users.

This can be avoided or mitigated by bringing in additional connections. When intelligently managed by an Ecessa solution, traffic over these multiple connections can be automatically load-balanced, optimized, and prioritized to support critical traffic types, as well as provide redundancy to protect against connection outages.

For more information about how Ecessa devices support cloud computing and other IT initiatives, please see our WAN Solutions Matrix.


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