GoDaddy and the Terrible, Horrible, Very Bad, No Good DNS Day

No DNS no internet

Today many GoDaddy users suffered the misfortune of having their websites inaccessible for several hours because of DNS issues.

Think about it. What’s the cost of having your website down? We found some startling statistics about network downtime.

To give credit to the GoDaddy team, they acknowledged the problem, apologized for the inconvenience and maintained a Twitter feed updating their users on progress.

GoDaddy Tweet

But if you were one of the customers who posted that their:

  • important clients’ websites were down
  • business was completely down for a couple of hours already
  • business site and also business store was down
  • sites were down for 90+ minutes and wondered how they would be compensated
  • launch date was today…
  • phone was also having issues (VoIP)

Then you probably agreed with @Kabolobari that you were tired of waiting for a fix.

This never, ever has to happen to you again. If your business depends on your website, you can and should take measures to protect it from unexpected — but inevitable — issues like this.
Ecessa WAN Link controllers provide the following safeguards for DNS issues:

  • You can host DNS directly from our device
  • No reliance on third party service
  • complete control over settings
  • can use Ecessa devices at multiple sites for increased DNS redundancy

You can search for finer technical explanations of how to configure Ecessa devices for DNS at

You can read more tips for making sure your Internet, website and cloud apps are always accessible on our blog, including why you need two or more internet links.

And it you want to talk through this or other connectivity issues, we’re here to help.

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