Getting Your Network Into Shape for the New Year

This year, skip the gym membership, and resolve to get your business’ network into shape with SD-WAN. Although SD-WAN has less than 1% market share today, Gartner predicts that up to 30% of users will be managing their WAN through software within three years. So, make it your goal to build a stronger, smarter network in the New Year.

Wait, what’s SD-WAN?

SD-WAN is a fast-growing buzzword, which is admittedly easy to gloss over. If you’re in the dark, we’ll fill you in:

SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) is a fast-growing buzzword that describes a specific application of software-defined networking technology applied to WAN connections, which are used to connect enterprise networks – including branch offices and data centers – over any geographic distances and with any connection technology. Basically, SD-WAN is software that defines how a business’ network selects which path is best, helps optimize existing traffic, and automatically makes corrections when issues arise. Network failure isn’t an option with SD-WAN.

Because it is software, SD-WAN integrates easily into your current network, making deployment and configuration quick and easy, even across large geographic distances. Compared to many current MPLS architectures, an SD-WAN solution can integrate multiple connections to optimize performance and speed, reduce costs and network failures, and increase security and network visibility.

New Year, Never DownTM

Did your business experience a network outage last year? Outages occur all the time, and the costs of downtime to your business only grow over time. Does your network have what it takes to keep your business up and running in the event of an Internet outage or call failure? It can with SD-WAN.

Ecessa’s product and service lineup is based on a crawl-walk-run technology adoption methodology. Our tiered line of sustainable, scalable solutions allows customers of all sizes and industries to take the crawl-walk-run approach to SD-WAN, deploying a solution at their own pace. Ecessa provides every business—at every stage and IT budget—with a smart, sustainable path forward towards a wider, more perfect network. There’s a solution for everyone:

  • Ecessa EdgeTM introduces your network to load balancing and in-call failover.
  • PowerLinkTM and ClariLinkTM WAN link controllers add VPN and SIP functionality to your network.
  • WANworXTM offers a full SD-WAN solution with a Never DownTM guarantee.

Download our Crawl-Walk-Run White Paper to learn more.

Download the White Paper

Why choose Ecessa for SD-WAN:

  • Our expertise. Ecessa been solely focused on SD-WAN for 5 years. We’re the leader in SD-WAN for SMEs.
  • Our 3rd party independence. Ecessa’s non-affiliation with any Internet providers or carriers allows a truly independent look at your service and the potential outages that are occurring. The one thing we all know about Internet services is the Internet will fail. Why have your SD-WAN services with the same provider as your Internet? With Ecessa’s Never Down SD-WAN solutions you have the peace of mind your network is protected from outages.
  • Our focused support staff. Ecessa’s US-based technical support team is made up of degreed technical support engineers. We are focused solely on SD-WAN services and nothing more.