Egan Company Saves Money with Virtualization

Egan saves money with virtualization

“With Ecessa’s help our Virtual PC’s and VoIP systems at our remote sites have far greater usability and far greater reliability.” Jim Nonn. CIO, Egan Company.


Egan Company is a $215 million dollar commercial construction company located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Egan specializes in mechanical, electrical, and systems construction and service.


In 2012, Egan Company struggled with reliable access to their cloud and various business applications, for their remote employees. Egan’s multiple sites suffered from bandwidth issues, connectivity to the cloud and application performance for their remote users. Egan’s remote locations needed a high performing network as they began using an IP-based phone system and their workforce was moving heavily into a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).


These business pain points were the catalyst for the Egan Company and Ecessa partnership.


According to Jim Nonn, CIO at Egan Company, “When a site can’t communicate, we lose the opportunity to bid on a job, we can’t follow up on PO’s, and we are unable to confirm changes or provide costs, and of course, our project managers and field staff are frozen in place.” That productivity loss translates to revenue loss.


Once engaged, Ecessa’s WAN Virtualization technology, WANworX™, provided Egan with seamless failover, which meant no downtime to any of the remote users and no dropped calls from their IP-based phone system. This allowed them to use all of their lines simultaneously to support their multi-site infrastructure and VoIP/IP-based phone environments.


Because of the WAN Virtualization technology partnership, Egan Company was able to save tremendous amounts of time by delivering thin-clients and IP phones to newly acquired sites and connect to the corporate network within days instead of weeks.


Also based on the success of their WAN Virtualization deployment, Egan Company decided to expand their functionality to provide the same level of resiliency to their public facing phone system. Egan looked to Ecessa to help eliminate call-disruption through the VoIP Proxy feature-set which allowed them to seamlessly move phone traffic connecting to a public SIP trunk provider from one WAN path to another.


This has provided an overall VoIP environment that is not only redundant, but reactive to changes in WAN network quality.


EGAN Company saves over one-hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) per site, annually, in technology expenses. WANworX WAN Virtualization has allowed them to replace their MPLS network with multiple Internet connections at each location and implement cost saving VDI technologies at remote locations.


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