Ecessa leaves room for management

Customer satisfaction in many industries can often hinge on technology. For the hospitality industry, amenities are everything. Today, more than ever, hotel guests are saying Wi-Fi access is a must-have when it comes to making a reservation.

According to Forrester Research, 94% of guests see a hotel room without Wi-Fi as a deal breaker.

That reality hits home with Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants. To be certain their network never went down, and their positive guest experiences were maximized, Kimpton deployed Ecessa Powerlink™ devices at each of their 64 locations across the United States.

Each Kimpton property is also set up with Ecessa Insight™, a centralized, browser-accessed management tool that gives their IT department the ability to seamlessly configure, manage and monitor the Ecessa Powerlink devices they have deployed across the nation. Ecessa Insight is an end-to-end management tool that provides access to detailed network and device performance data.

Ecessa Insight Sees it All

Using browser-access, Ecessa Insight configures and manages your powerful Ecessa appliances for optimum network performance. Ecessa Insight’s highly configurable and flexible interface has allowed Kimpton to do everything from making configuration changes to viewing network status, from anywhere, at any time.

Ecessa Insight not only minimizes the time required to manage Kimpton’s network, but they have gained valuable data regarding their network and application performance.

In a USA Today interview, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants CEO Michael A. Depatie explained why the emphasis on connection is a must-have for his customers.

What Does Ecessa Insight Do?

Configure: Ecessa Insight leverages centralized configuration architecture dramatically reducing the effort and technical issues associated with deployment. You can configure the entire network as a whole and simply leverage the global alias feature when adding additional sites.

• One-to-many orchestration tool
• Tiered permissions for security
• Automatic backups with 1-year storage

Manage: Many things can go wrong when you are managing a network; Ecessa Insight lets you diagnose and manage remote devices without sending a technician on site. That means your critical applications have greater reliability and availability.

• Immediate access to all devices
• Location and relationship mapping
• Update groups of devices en masse

Monitor: Through regular polling and real-time alerts from your Ecessa devices, the central dashboard lets you stay on top of what’s going on with your devices and your network. Ecessa Insight allows you to define the attributes most important to your organization and displays the status for the device, group of devices or your complete network of devices. You can also schedule regular reports and get alerts when a device or network state changes.

• Automatic global alerts
• SMS and e-mail notifications
• Site and service checks
• Real-time data analysis

To read more about Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, and to learn more about the goals they accomplished with deployment of Ecessa solutions, download the case study.

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