Ecessa is a leader in simplifying WAN for the midsized enterprise.

In a recently published Research Note, leading information technology research firm Gartner reports that, “using Internet and hybrid WANs is a key method for reducing WAN expenses by at least 40% or more, depending on client-specific circumstances.” Gartner explains how the benefits of hybrid WANs are clear, but the technology has long remained complex, requiring a hardware budget and a level of networking expertise that kept it out of reach for small and midsized enterprises.

Until now.

SD-WAN is making hybrid WAN networks a reality for all businesses, regardless of size. The technology provides an appealing alternative to traditional, more complex network management solutions, making hybrid WAN a business-transforming possibility—even if you’re not an enterprise sized firm. Gartner writes:

“Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) has emerged as a solution of special interest to midsize enterprises because it provides a much simpler and more cost-effective solution than traditional router-based approaches. For midsize enterprises with smaller and less-specialized IT teams, SD-WAN significantly simplifies the operational complexity of integrating and managing a hybrid WAN, making advanced network expertise unnecessary.”

Gartner recommends that midmarket network leaders pursue SD-WAN solutions to simplify WAN operations and reduce capital expenditures by removing multiple devices in the branch office.

Making intelligent network management accessible to companies of smaller sizes can be a game changer for businesses in competition with larger corporations with greater IT resources. Having an SD-WAN solution in place can also ease certain costs and risk factors involving small business growth.

In the National Small Business Association’s 2015 Year-End Economic Report, 35 percent —up from 30 percent in July 2015—of surveyed small business owners reported that “expansion of e-commerce” was their top priority growth strategy in the coming year. 10 percent reported that “expansion of operations to new facilities/additional stores” was growth priority number one. These and other top small business growth strategies directly benefit from intelligent, scalable network management.

Gartner mentions Ecessa in midmarket SD-WAN report

In their “Midmarket Context” report, Gartner goes on to recommend that midsized enterprises seek solutions from vendors that cater specifically to the midmarket. Gartner taps Ecessa in this field for SD-WAN: “several SD-WAN vendors that cater specifically to the midmarket are better able to support midmarket organizations. SD-WAN vendors that Gartner observes focusing on the global midmarket include FatPipe Networks, Talari Networks, VeloCloud and Ecessa.”

Ecessa prides itself on being a first-class SD-WAN provider to businesses of all sizes, focused on building Never DownTM networks and helping businesses stay on top of their current needs, and ahead of their growing IT demands.